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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Runescape: Morytania Easy Tasks

Monique and I have been looking forward to the Morytania tasks.  Since the first announcement, we've hoped for a good set.  As usual, most were easy enough, but some required some extra work.  We broke it into stages.  Didn't want to use up all the fun right away.  Some, of course, we did accidentally.  Like when we used the Wicked Hood to go to the Blood Altar and make runes.  That's just part of our daily things to do, but it's also on the task list.

Other than the 'accidents', we mostly did them per plan, from easy to elite.  Starting with crating a Snelm in Morytania.  With the new tool belts, it was very easy to catch a snail, and turn it into a helm.  Having forgotten to wear a helm, I used mine for a while.

Killing a werewolf in human form was problematic.  Monique and I both threw away our Wolfbane dagger years ago, back when bank space was a lot smaller.  It had been so long, I had to Google where to find Drezel and get the dagger back from him.  Of course, once we had the daggers, the rest was simple enough.  Since we were already in the bottom of the Paterdomus church, a short run to Canifis, an easy fight, and another task done.  While we were messing around with werewolves, a game of werewolf skullball seemed appropriate.  Remembering the Ring of Charos... because without it you can't get in... headed for the Werewolf Agility Course.  I've either never played skullball, or it's been so many years it's been forgotten.  Fortunately, it was extremely easy.  One short round later, skullball was checked off the list.

Lab Clean-up Assistant under Castle Fenkenstrain followed.  I can remember training combat on these.  In the old days, (back when I had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow) it was so crowded, there was way too much competition to make them good training.  Now, running down there, it was like a morgue.  Or lab, anyway.  Nobody else was there, and taking an 'experiment' out was quick and painless.  The hardest part was getting in... we had forgotten which gravestone to push aside.  Since there's only a small handful, there weren't too many choices.  Once we went in through the secret entrance, it was a done deal.

Doing the altar at the Nature Grotto was another blast from the past.  After so much time passes, the memory gets kind of fuzzy.  But we both enjoyed the Nature Spirit quest, and it was kind of nice to re-visit.  I had also forgotten this is one of only 2 (I think) altars that boost your prayer points above maximum.  In the same general location, the Ghasts were thick as fleas on a dog, so we remembered to bring our Druid Pouches, and went Ghast poaching.  I haven't really looked at the Ghasts in a long time, the updated graphics make them look far more impressive than I remember!
Blooming Marvellous involved using the Silver Sickle(b) to grow fungus.  My favorite spot for that has always been just a bit south and west from the swamp gate by the cemetary.  There's a spot with three rotting logs close together, and if you stand in the right place, with some luck all three will grow fungus.  

Only Going Forward, We Can't Find Reverse - I love the pun here.  Star Trekking used to be one of my favorite songs.  Temple Trekking?  Not so much a favorite.  But still, taking an easy companion through the easy route was pretty darned... easy.  For the harder tasks later, I'm going to be very sorry I never played this game before!

One last task before the Easy list is complete.  We had to harvest limpwort from the farming patch near the ecto.  I hate farming, but after all these years, have managed to get mine to 80.  Monique got her first 99 in Farming, so no worries here.  We just needed to go plant the seed, then harvest it a few hours later.  I can't even begin to remember the last time I farmed in Port Phasmatys, but guess what?  There was a full-grown Limpwort waiting for me at my patch!  It's been there for years, and never died.  So I actually finished my final task while Monique was planting her seed.  I waited until she was done harvesting, then we went and got our Morytania Legs (1).  Cool job.  Easy as pie, all the way.
Coming next:  The Medium Tasks

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