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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Runescape: Footloose and Undecided... What Next?

Now that Monique and I have finished our Morytania Tasks, I've got that 'letdown' feeling.  That brief (hopefully) span of time between goals, when you haven't really decided what to do next. I usually spend a few days kicking around Geilinor, doing anything that sounds interesting.  Eventually one or the other thing grabs my attention, and I get focused again.

This time around, there are too many things already in mind to do.  No lollygagging.  Let's see, still want to work on Livid Farm.  Nope.  Not fun.  Tired of it.  Maybe a little here and there, but don't want to obsess on it.
And the rush is on!
How about skilling?  Still want to 99 Agility and Mining.  Either one of those would be decent.  Not great fun, but not horrible.  And Agility is a great skill to work on while I'm on the phone yakking with friends and family.  Goes by much faster.

I still want a Chaotic Rapier.  Heck, I want ALL of the Chaotics.  Didn't know any better when I was new at Dungeoneering, and spent all my points on the Ring of Kinship.  Twice.  Yeah, I found out you can change your mind ONCE, so thought it would be cool to restructure the ring's skillset.  So now, I'm stuck re-earning all those points.  Easy, you say?  Unfortunately, no.  I don't team.  Dungeoneering is great fun for me, and I don't mind the slow exp soloers get.  But it means I'll be a long time getting any Chaotic.  (And to my new friend with the Dungeoneering invitation, thank you!!  That means a lot to me.  Don't be surprised if I take you up on the offer!)

Okay, how about money?  I started farming at level 80 with 39 million in the bank.  Spent 28, and have about 11 million gold left.  So rebuilding the bank is definitely on the agenda.  Frost Dragons are fun, and very profitable.  On the other hand, I've been hearing recently about Rum-Pumped Crabs.  That sounds like a change of pace, and maybe something I'd enjoy for a while.  This one's pretty high on my list.  Sounds fun, and useful.

On the other hand, there are guides to the Fight Kiln out that involve Steel Titans and Dreadnips.  Still haven't won my new cape, and I really want to nail down the Fight Kiln.
The bad thing is, I'm a real klutz in combat.  Sure, I can eat-pray-hit.  But the complex stuff is very difficult for me.  I'm not one of these incredible fighters that whip through easily on the first or second try.

So anyway, Dreadnips.  They sound very helpful.  But to get them, you have to win 450 fights in the Dominion Tower, and spectate someone else fighting.  That gets you 100 Dreadnips, then every 5 fights will earn anothre 100.

The bad news, I've never gone to the Dominion Tower until recently.  Just been too busy.  Additionally, I need money, and this doesn't sound like there's any direct profit to be had.  On the other side of things, it sounds fun.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  After Farming so much recently, it sounds like the perfect cure for the Farming blahs.  I've gone and tried it a few times now, and I was right.  It's fun.

At the moment, I haven't decided.  I'm kind of wanting to bounce between moneymaking, and Dominion Tower.  Then there's the promised new way to train Runecrafting, the Runespan.  When the Runespan comes out, I want to give it a shot.  Just too many choices!!

Any suggestions?

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