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Friday, April 13, 2012

Runescape: Morytania Hard Tasks

More Morytania... We ran through the easy and medium tasks pretty much without any slowdowns. Next up is the hard tasks. This was noticeably more difficult than the first two, but nothing that really caused any major hold-ups. Bear in mind, Monique and I are quest-fiends. We do every quest as soon as we can, and try our best to get all the little hidden extras that sometimes come along. We love new content, so when I'm talking about these tasks, it's from that perspective. If you haven't done the respective quests first, it could take quite a bit of time to get up to speed.
Just a bit to the north
First was killing Tarn Razorlor. "Detarnation" is simple if you've got a ring of Slaying. Just bop in, and run a bit north. If you've already killed him, all you have to do is walk into the room. Over and done.

Doing "Runecraft Carrier" was a bit of a hiccup. Having to break a Blood Altar teleport tablet presupposes you've earned one from the Runecrafting Guild game, which Monique and I have never done. Way back when it came out, we pronounced it boring and moved on. Now we had to go back and earn Runecrafting Guild tokens. It only needs 45, and we got that after one game. Not too bad.
Shade-Shattering Ka-Bloom was a horse of another color, though. I've never gone back and done much with vyres after the quests involving them. So my Flail of Ivandis was amazingly low in burn count for vyre corpses. This took a while, but it wasn't a massive task. Seems like it only took a couple of hours to kill the vyre, then a bit of time to burn them at the Columbarium. Doing Bloom itself was supremely easy, I just needed the vyre count above 200. Ran just barely inside the Mort Myre gate, and finished with a sigh of relief.
The graphics are much better than back when I used this course!
Back to the easy stuff. In "They'll just throw it away again", all that's needed is to take a quick lap around the Werewolf Agility Course, out in the swamp area behind the Canifis bank and across the river. Ring of Charos needed to get in. Neither Monique nor I ever played Skullball, but I can remember putting many hours in here trying to level up. Long time ago. When the lap was done, we handed in our sticks and moved on.

In Time Saver, we popped over to the Slayer Tower via the Slayer Ring, ran to the River Salve, crossed the bridge, climbed up the river bank, and slipped through the fence. Then back through, because the 'trigger' to get task credit is for the other direction.
Huge Success is one of those tasks that you do by accident. It requires either setting a house teleport to Kharyrll (Canifis), or using yours if it's already set. We didn't plan for this one, just did it accidentally in the course of going to Canifis.

The Barrows task didn't really appeal to me. For "I Brought Your Stuff Back", I thought you'd actually have to go into the dungeon beneath the crypts. Used to have really good luck with Barrows, then my luck went away. So I don't really like Barrows any more. Turned out a lot easier than expected, though. All you have to do is walk into the Barrows enclosure while wearing a full set of (any) Barrows gear. Take a quick teleport with Draken's Medallion, stroll in, and it's done. Not so bad after all.
Just One More Key built from the earlier task involving casting "Bloom". We saved all our Vyre corpses from building up the kill count, took them to the Columbarium, and burnt them. You get credit for this task by just using one key in the Columbarium alcoves, but we went ahead and burned all the corpses while we were at it. Got some decent drops, nothing spectacular.
We went back to Darkmeyer again for "Raising the Stakes". If you've already done the associated quest, this is a snap. Monique had to make another Silver Sickle(b), but I was lucky enough to have spares in the bank. Sickles in hand, we cut and fletched a Blisterwood Polearm on the spot. Job well done.
In a repeating theme for the Morytania tasks, next up was a return to Temple Trekking. In "Trekkin' Ain't Easy" you have to take a hard companion through the hard route. I was very lucky. In and out with only 3 events, and kept my Companion safe all the way. Monique got the neverending route... We honestly thought the game had decided to continue throwing events at her until she failed. Eventually, she won through. and finished the task. We've played a lot of Temple Trekking and Burg de Rhott Ramble since then, and have never again seen such a long trek. Must have just been a fluke.

The last Hard Task was "Better Than Cursing The Darkness." Go to the Haunted Woods. Either use the piece of bark from when you chopped a Hollow Tree down, or just chop one off right there on the spot. The Ring of Fire is one of the rewards from doing "All Fired Up." Wear the ring, and use the piece of bark to light a Haunted Woods Torch. Quick, easy, and done.

These were called Hard Tasks. If you haven't completed all the requirements first, it could be time-consuming to become qualified. But the tasks themselves were simple enough. As a reward, you get the improved Morytania Legs 3 from the old guy at the Barrows. In addition to the benefits of Legs 1 and 2, you get:
(If wearing) Better overall keys from burning shades. 50% more experience burning the remains. A chance of getting more Blood Runes when Runecrafting at the Blood Altar. Plus even odds of keeping your Blood Altar Teletab when using it.

(All the time) Talk to ghosts without your Ghostspeak Amulet. Halve the amount of prayer drain while in the Barrows. 10% more from the Temple Trekking rewards. Double runes from the Barrows chest. And Robin in Port Phasmatys will give you 26 bonemeal and slaim each day for 26 bones. (Don't note the bones, he won't take them.)

The exp lamp from Hard Tasks is good for 20,000 exp, but has to be for skills above level 65.  There might have been a hiccup or two along the way, but for the most part, the hard tasks won't slow down a higher level player. It didn't take long to finish this set at all.  Overall, I had a good bit of fun running through these!

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