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Friday, April 27, 2012

Runescape: Morytania Elite Tasks- Legs 4

Our final task
 After a long delay while I built my 'qualifications', the Mortytania Legs 4 are finally mine!  Most of the task list wasn't that hard, but I needed to max all the characters from Temple Trekking/Bhurg de Rott.  Not to mention taking my Farming from 80, to at least 87.  (Farming is my least favorite skill...)

Monique was in a similar situation- she needed to max the Temple/Burg mini-game, and to raise her fishing to 91.  Fishing is much simpler, so we both assumed she'd get done much sooner than me.  In reality, with all the Farming options, and the improvements to the skill, I've been cranking along much faster.  Toward the end, I slowed down a lot.  Got very tired of constantly working it, and you can't take it easy like Fishing.  So for the last couple of levels, I just did trees, and bushes.  Bushes because they're easy, fast, and you cannot fail at them.  Trees, of course, because they're where the most massive experience gains are.

Anyway, on with the list:

On Wings of Bling involves teleporting to Darkmeyer with your Drakan's Medallion.  If you've begun Branches of Darkmeyer, you'll already have the medallion, making this quick and easy.  I've mentioned this before, but Drakan's Medallion is one of my favorite quest rewards.  By the end of 'Branches', it has several teleports within Morytania, and only uses a charge if you teleport into Morytania from another province.  10 charges, and teleports you to the recharge place EVEN IF IT'S DRAINED.  In my opinion, this medallion makes Morytania completely accessible.  It's definitely changed the way people do Barrows.

Whip: It Good requires Slayer 85, or you can boost 5 levels with a Wild Pie.  Anybody who remembers the glory days of the Abyssal Whip probably already spent hours camping Abyssal Demons.  For this task, all you have to do is climb to the top of the Slayer Tower, and kill an Abyssal.

As You Might Expect was one of those tasks Monique and I completed accidentally.  It's our habit to use the Wicked Hood every day and craft Blood Runes.  Free and easy Runecrafting exp, and the runes can be sold or used.  So we were teleporting to the Blood Altar for our daily routine, made some Runes, and wound up completing this task.  Just that easy.  Needs 77 Runecrafting, or you can get Oldak to boost a couple of levels.  Just make sure you get there quickly!

Now for 'Thoroughly A-Ghast'.  What a drag.  This is the one that requires every companion in Temple Trekking and Burgh do Rott  to be raised to level 99.  This is a total of 594 levels.  To begin with, ALL of my characters were basement level beginners.  While some of them are easy to level up, others are ridiculously slow.  Monique and I powered through this as best we could.  It took several days of play.  Once you max your companions, you can buy a Ghast summoning creature for 50,000 gold.  It's considered a game reward.  Looks pretty awesome.  But that was a lot of work for a reward that isn't that useful or effective for me.

Oh well.  At least we got the task done.

As Good As Renew:  This was my other downfall.  requires 91 Farming and 94 Herblore.  My farming was 80.  Thankfully, at level 87 a Stranger Plant can boost the remaining levels.  Otherwise I'd still be farming like a maniac.  Monique's first 99 was Farming, and she's 99 Herblore.  So she just breezed through this one.  Once you've got the levels, you have to farm and mix a Prayer Renewal Potion.  All from within Morytania.  
The pic to the left is me using a Stranger Plant to boost my farming levels.

Fremennik Export:  Now the shoe's on the other foot.  It requires catching a shark, barehanded, from the Burgh de Rott dock.  Easy for me, but Monique had to struggle to raise her fishing levels high enough.  Requires 76 strength, and 96 fishing.  You can boost from 91 fishing with an Admiral Pie.  Since this was the last skill left to raise, we saved it to do together.  Monique got to level 91, took some Admiral Pies with us, and we finished our elite task list.  (Pic is at top of page, I used it for this blog's title image.)

In 'Not Such A Rotten Idea', this is kind of redundant.  If you've already finished 'Thoroughly A-Ghast', then you already qualified for this one.  Teleport to Burgh de Rott using a Games Necklace.  This ability is a reward for having achieved a combined level of 500 or more for the Temple Trekking characters.  In the Ghast task, you already maxed those companions.  So just claim your reward, and teleport in with a Games Necklace.
It's also redundant in regard to Drakan's Medallion.  One puts you south of the bank, one puts you north of the bank.  But the Medallion has many more uses, and is easy to recharge.  Still, I'm all for multiple ways and places to teleport to!

For 'Set It On Fiyr', this is another one that 'Thoroughly A-Ghast' can help you complete.  In all your Trekking, you'll run across these sooner or later.  When you do, just pick up one of the Fiyr remains.  Or you can just buy them on the GE.  Anyway, you have to burn a set of Fiyr remains with Pyre Wood in Mort'ton.  Pyre wood can be bought on the GE too, but it's hard to get.  I found it much easier to buy Sacred Oil, and pour it on a log.  I used a Magic Log, which required an entire 4-serving bottle of Oil.

Bros Before Barrows only requires you do do a Barrows Run.  Most Elite-Task level players will already know how to do this.  It's really pretty easy, as long as you KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Poor preparation will get you quickly killed.

After we finished all the tasks for the Morytania Elite set, it was time to collect our Morytania Legs 4.  Let's see, get them from "Old Man Ral".  Okay... who the heck is he?  A short trip to Google, and we found out he was one of the characters in Meierditch, near the city entrance.  Being spoiled by Drakan's Medallion, we teleported in, only to realize what a maze the city is.  Could NOT get there from where we were.  Monique found the boat down by the Bhurg de Rott docks, but had a hard time finding her way into the city.  At one point, I was on top of the wall, and saw her jumping a pile of rubble on the ground.  "Hey!  How'd you get down there?"  
Turns out there's a bit of fallen roof on the right side of the western city wall.  I ran over it a couple of times, but it took Monique to actually find it.

Once in the city entrance, he was nearby and easy to find.  Got our legs, and 3 whopping big exp lamps... 50k, 50k, and 40k!  Very nice final rewards there.

All in all, I only had trouble with the Trekking requirement, and the Farming one, and Monique with the Trekking and the Fishing.  Depending on your skill set, this might be easier or harder for you.  But I'd say Monique and I have spent probably 2 to 3 weeks getting the requirements we fell short on.  Glad we finally got it... and glad it's over with!!

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