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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Runescape Easter 2012: Chocatrice vs Evil Chicken

And if you look closely, you'll find my Ghast from the Morytania tasks!
 Just a quick update today.  I haven't permanently disappeared, just been very focused on the Morytania Elite tasks.  Monique and I did take a brief break to do the Easter 2012 event (A Fowl Easter).  It was cute, and humorous.  Apparently the Easter Bunny suffered a mishap this year.  Depending on whether you talk to the Chocatrice, or the Evil Chicken, (both can be found in the Varrock town square by the fountain) you hear a different version.  Chocatrice claims the Easter Bunny fell off White Wolf Mountain, with a rock tied to his foot.  Evil Chicken says he fell into a lava pit.  Both are pretty happy about it.  But each has his own agenda, and you have to choose which evil boss you want to support.

Before his unfortunate incident, E.B. (Easter Bunny) managed to hide 5 eggs.  Our task  was to collect those eggs.  At least 3 will get you a face mask.  Either a chocolate mask, or a fried egg mask, depending on who you're supporting.  But you can't just deliver the eggs.  You have to shoot them with the Egg-sterminator (No, I'm not making this up) to hatch the chicks, then shoot them again to turn the chicks into either a marshmallow chocolate treat, or a drumstick.  Horrible!  It' so sick I just had to laugh.  Those poor chicks are so cute, too.  They pop out of the egg with a high jump, and when they land, just innocently wander around peeping at things.  Until you shoot them.

Turn those poor edible remains in to your appropriate leader, and you get the appropriate mask.  But wait... there's more!  Yep, you can turn right around and do another egg hunt for the other side.  You get to be a double agent!  This is what we did, to collect both masks.  Then, if you've hard-shelled enough, go for it one more time.  Collect all five eggs 3 different times, for the final reward.  So we ran around, collecting all 5 eggs, 3 different times.  In return, our Eggsterminator is permanent.  Otherwise, when the event is over, the Eggsterminator melts away.

A Chocochick just hatching out!

Also, Every time you get 5 eggs during a single hunt, you get a small experience reward.  Pretty much in the same style and for the same points as a random event.  It's not much, and I sure wouldn't do the whole event over and over just for that.  But as long as it's there... I'm gonna cash it in!

One final bit of icing on the cake... if you're wearing one of the 2 masks, and another player shoots you with the Eggsterminator, there's a hidden emote.  You'll be spun fully around, with a mildly different animation depending on whether you're wearing the egg mask or the chocolate mask.  To be honest, we had a hard time telling the two emotes apart.  But it didn't stop us from shooting each other for a while!

Hit me again!
That was the description.  As far as opinion goes, maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it, but it just didn't seem as fun as most seasonal events.  It was cute, it was funny (in a mean sort of way), and had plenty of added content depending on how thorough you wanted to be.  The difficulty was easy enough to get finished pretty quickly.  There was even a bonus.  A new hunt starts every two hours.  Whoever is the first person to find a certain egg during the current hunt, has their name announced on the public chat for all to see.  Not that Monique or I ever managed that.  We were more 'follow the leader' this time around.

But still, it just seemed flat this time.  Maybe I was too focused on the Morytania tasks.  I  do tend to obsess on just one thing until it's done.  Or maybe the hunt was just too much 'same old, same old'.  Not sure.  Last year's Easter content was spectacular, maybe this one just didn't measure up by comparison.

Maybe it was just me.  What was your opinion?


Anonymous said...

From all the feedback of how bad the event was from my friends I haven't done the event myself. With being so busy lately I have to manage my RS time and the event hasn't fit in it. Hopefully I can get around to it eventually but who knows!

Crewman6 said...

Thanks for the comment!
I'd have been just as happy to skip it. The only reason I went along, is Monique wanted to do the event, and the fact that it's time limited. Once the event's gone, it's too late.

That said, this is one I could have skipped, unfortunately.