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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Runescape: Footloose and Undecided... What Next?

Now that Monique and I have finished our Morytania Tasks, I've got that 'letdown' feeling.  That brief (hopefully) span of time between goals, when you haven't really decided what to do next. I usually spend a few days kicking around Geilinor, doing anything that sounds interesting.  Eventually one or the other thing grabs my attention, and I get focused again.

This time around, there are too many things already in mind to do.  No lollygagging.  Let's see, still want to work on Livid Farm.  Nope.  Not fun.  Tired of it.  Maybe a little here and there, but don't want to obsess on it.
And the rush is on!
How about skilling?  Still want to 99 Agility and Mining.  Either one of those would be decent.  Not great fun, but not horrible.  And Agility is a great skill to work on while I'm on the phone yakking with friends and family.  Goes by much faster.

I still want a Chaotic Rapier.  Heck, I want ALL of the Chaotics.  Didn't know any better when I was new at Dungeoneering, and spent all my points on the Ring of Kinship.  Twice.  Yeah, I found out you can change your mind ONCE, so thought it would be cool to restructure the ring's skillset.  So now, I'm stuck re-earning all those points.  Easy, you say?  Unfortunately, no.  I don't team.  Dungeoneering is great fun for me, and I don't mind the slow exp soloers get.  But it means I'll be a long time getting any Chaotic.  (And to my new friend with the Dungeoneering invitation, thank you!!  That means a lot to me.  Don't be surprised if I take you up on the offer!)

Okay, how about money?  I started farming at level 80 with 39 million in the bank.  Spent 28, and have about 11 million gold left.  So rebuilding the bank is definitely on the agenda.  Frost Dragons are fun, and very profitable.  On the other hand, I've been hearing recently about Rum-Pumped Crabs.  That sounds like a change of pace, and maybe something I'd enjoy for a while.  This one's pretty high on my list.  Sounds fun, and useful.

On the other hand, there are guides to the Fight Kiln out that involve Steel Titans and Dreadnips.  Still haven't won my new cape, and I really want to nail down the Fight Kiln.
The bad thing is, I'm a real klutz in combat.  Sure, I can eat-pray-hit.  But the complex stuff is very difficult for me.  I'm not one of these incredible fighters that whip through easily on the first or second try.

So anyway, Dreadnips.  They sound very helpful.  But to get them, you have to win 450 fights in the Dominion Tower, and spectate someone else fighting.  That gets you 100 Dreadnips, then every 5 fights will earn anothre 100.

The bad news, I've never gone to the Dominion Tower until recently.  Just been too busy.  Additionally, I need money, and this doesn't sound like there's any direct profit to be had.  On the other side of things, it sounds fun.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  After Farming so much recently, it sounds like the perfect cure for the Farming blahs.  I've gone and tried it a few times now, and I was right.  It's fun.

At the moment, I haven't decided.  I'm kind of wanting to bounce between moneymaking, and Dominion Tower.  Then there's the promised new way to train Runecrafting, the Runespan.  When the Runespan comes out, I want to give it a shot.  Just too many choices!!

Any suggestions?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Runescape: Morytania Elite Tasks- Legs 4

Our final task
 After a long delay while I built my 'qualifications', the Mortytania Legs 4 are finally mine!  Most of the task list wasn't that hard, but I needed to max all the characters from Temple Trekking/Bhurg de Rott.  Not to mention taking my Farming from 80, to at least 87.  (Farming is my least favorite skill...)

Monique was in a similar situation- she needed to max the Temple/Burg mini-game, and to raise her fishing to 91.  Fishing is much simpler, so we both assumed she'd get done much sooner than me.  In reality, with all the Farming options, and the improvements to the skill, I've been cranking along much faster.  Toward the end, I slowed down a lot.  Got very tired of constantly working it, and you can't take it easy like Fishing.  So for the last couple of levels, I just did trees, and bushes.  Bushes because they're easy, fast, and you cannot fail at them.  Trees, of course, because they're where the most massive experience gains are.

Anyway, on with the list:

On Wings of Bling involves teleporting to Darkmeyer with your Drakan's Medallion.  If you've begun Branches of Darkmeyer, you'll already have the medallion, making this quick and easy.  I've mentioned this before, but Drakan's Medallion is one of my favorite quest rewards.  By the end of 'Branches', it has several teleports within Morytania, and only uses a charge if you teleport into Morytania from another province.  10 charges, and teleports you to the recharge place EVEN IF IT'S DRAINED.  In my opinion, this medallion makes Morytania completely accessible.  It's definitely changed the way people do Barrows.

Whip: It Good requires Slayer 85, or you can boost 5 levels with a Wild Pie.  Anybody who remembers the glory days of the Abyssal Whip probably already spent hours camping Abyssal Demons.  For this task, all you have to do is climb to the top of the Slayer Tower, and kill an Abyssal.

As You Might Expect was one of those tasks Monique and I completed accidentally.  It's our habit to use the Wicked Hood every day and craft Blood Runes.  Free and easy Runecrafting exp, and the runes can be sold or used.  So we were teleporting to the Blood Altar for our daily routine, made some Runes, and wound up completing this task.  Just that easy.  Needs 77 Runecrafting, or you can get Oldak to boost a couple of levels.  Just make sure you get there quickly!

Now for 'Thoroughly A-Ghast'.  What a drag.  This is the one that requires every companion in Temple Trekking and Burgh do Rott  to be raised to level 99.  This is a total of 594 levels.  To begin with, ALL of my characters were basement level beginners.  While some of them are easy to level up, others are ridiculously slow.  Monique and I powered through this as best we could.  It took several days of play.  Once you max your companions, you can buy a Ghast summoning creature for 50,000 gold.  It's considered a game reward.  Looks pretty awesome.  But that was a lot of work for a reward that isn't that useful or effective for me.

Oh well.  At least we got the task done.

As Good As Renew:  This was my other downfall.  requires 91 Farming and 94 Herblore.  My farming was 80.  Thankfully, at level 87 a Stranger Plant can boost the remaining levels.  Otherwise I'd still be farming like a maniac.  Monique's first 99 was Farming, and she's 99 Herblore.  So she just breezed through this one.  Once you've got the levels, you have to farm and mix a Prayer Renewal Potion.  All from within Morytania.  
The pic to the left is me using a Stranger Plant to boost my farming levels.

Fremennik Export:  Now the shoe's on the other foot.  It requires catching a shark, barehanded, from the Burgh de Rott dock.  Easy for me, but Monique had to struggle to raise her fishing levels high enough.  Requires 76 strength, and 96 fishing.  You can boost from 91 fishing with an Admiral Pie.  Since this was the last skill left to raise, we saved it to do together.  Monique got to level 91, took some Admiral Pies with us, and we finished our elite task list.  (Pic is at top of page, I used it for this blog's title image.)

In 'Not Such A Rotten Idea', this is kind of redundant.  If you've already finished 'Thoroughly A-Ghast', then you already qualified for this one.  Teleport to Burgh de Rott using a Games Necklace.  This ability is a reward for having achieved a combined level of 500 or more for the Temple Trekking characters.  In the Ghast task, you already maxed those companions.  So just claim your reward, and teleport in with a Games Necklace.
It's also redundant in regard to Drakan's Medallion.  One puts you south of the bank, one puts you north of the bank.  But the Medallion has many more uses, and is easy to recharge.  Still, I'm all for multiple ways and places to teleport to!

For 'Set It On Fiyr', this is another one that 'Thoroughly A-Ghast' can help you complete.  In all your Trekking, you'll run across these sooner or later.  When you do, just pick up one of the Fiyr remains.  Or you can just buy them on the GE.  Anyway, you have to burn a set of Fiyr remains with Pyre Wood in Mort'ton.  Pyre wood can be bought on the GE too, but it's hard to get.  I found it much easier to buy Sacred Oil, and pour it on a log.  I used a Magic Log, which required an entire 4-serving bottle of Oil.

Bros Before Barrows only requires you do do a Barrows Run.  Most Elite-Task level players will already know how to do this.  It's really pretty easy, as long as you KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Poor preparation will get you quickly killed.

After we finished all the tasks for the Morytania Elite set, it was time to collect our Morytania Legs 4.  Let's see, get them from "Old Man Ral".  Okay... who the heck is he?  A short trip to Google, and we found out he was one of the characters in Meierditch, near the city entrance.  Being spoiled by Drakan's Medallion, we teleported in, only to realize what a maze the city is.  Could NOT get there from where we were.  Monique found the boat down by the Bhurg de Rott docks, but had a hard time finding her way into the city.  At one point, I was on top of the wall, and saw her jumping a pile of rubble on the ground.  "Hey!  How'd you get down there?"  
Turns out there's a bit of fallen roof on the right side of the western city wall.  I ran over it a couple of times, but it took Monique to actually find it.

Once in the city entrance, he was nearby and easy to find.  Got our legs, and 3 whopping big exp lamps... 50k, 50k, and 40k!  Very nice final rewards there.

All in all, I only had trouble with the Trekking requirement, and the Farming one, and Monique with the Trekking and the Fishing.  Depending on your skill set, this might be easier or harder for you.  But I'd say Monique and I have spent probably 2 to 3 weeks getting the requirements we fell short on.  Glad we finally got it... and glad it's over with!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Runescape Farming Run: Working toward the Morytania Elite Tasks

(Note:  If you just want my Farming route, scroll to the bottom)

Still working toward the Morytania Elite Tasks.  Monique needs about 5 levels of Fishing, I needed 7 more Farming.  Her work is simpler, but going slow.  I'm having better luck.  When first starting out, my farming knowledge was buried somewhere out on the back 40.  It took about 3 days of google, wiki, and cruising the forums, but I've finally gotten a grip on it.

Not saying it's a 'good' grip...  but at least I have a plan that's working.  (I've included my crop run below.)  Even though trees are by far the best experience, speed is important too, so my route includes allotment, mushrooms, bushes, as well as trees.  And in between, I do Livid Farm.

My Arm's remote Never-Fail Herbal patch!

My recent spate of farming started off at level 80.  I hate farming, and haven't worked on it in years.  Things have changed a lot.  Monique's first 99 was Farming, and she's constantly reminding me how much harder it was when she was training it.  You know, walked to school uphill both ways in the snow, in the dark, with an injured foot...  and bad weather.  While it's fun to poke fun, she's right.  It's so much easier now, with teleports, noted crops, Magic Secateurs, Never-ending Water Can, and especially the new Home Teleport system with the Lodestones.

Been using the Lunar Spell system.  With Fertile Soil and Cure Plant, it's just a lot easier.  Again, all the newer teleport options make it convenient even on Lunar magic.  When I gear up, the worn equipment is the same for plant, trees, and Livid Farm.  The only change to my inventory is between supplies for an allotment/bush/mushroom run, versus supplies for a tree run.

My first Spirit Tree nearly grown up!
By now, I can do Spirit Trees, and as of night before last, reached the required level for Torstols.  Unfortunately, my money has bottomed out again.  Started with 39million gold in the bank.  Bought supplies for farming that seemed the best cost/exp ratio, and am currently down to 13 million, and still buying seeds and 'protection' items.  No big deal, as long as it lasts long enough to get level 87.  From 87, I can use a Stranger Plant and boost to 91.

Last night, I wanted a break from the constant allotment running.  Did my trees, skipped the rest.  Decided to try camping at Rum-Pumped Crabs for a while, to build the bank back up.  (It didn't go extremely well, trying again another time.)  Anyway, for now it's just the tree run.  Like I've mentioned, Farming is sort of "least-favorite".  At level 85, it may take a few days longer to get to 87 using only trees.  But might be worth it.

Or it could be that after a night off, going back to the full drill won't feel like such a drag!  Either way, I'm close to getting the critical levels to finish off the Morytania Elite Tasks.  Once done, I'll post the task list and  thoughts for Elite.

Regarding this Farming run... I'm sure there are better organized, more efficient runs out there.  Just couldn't find any that appealed.  I wanted something appropriate to level 80 farming and above.  Did NOT want to do hops, but did want all the rest.

For what it's worth, here's my run.  Feel free to use it, modify it, or... like I did... create one from scratch.  Whatever helps get those levels!!

    In between farming runs do Livid Farm for Remote Farm spell.
    Basic gear for all phases of farming:
    Ardougne Cloak
    Agile top
    Morytania Legs
    Explorer's Ring
    Falador Shield
    Magic Secateurs
    Wicked Hood
    Amulet of Nature
    Wisdom Aura
Teletab (modify to get to Trollheim)
Magic Watering Can
Inferno Adze
Mystic Mud Staff for casting Fertile Soil
    Spellbook on Lunar for Fertile Soil (super compost)
    (Designed for lvl 80 and above farming)

    Protect with:
    70 min
    20 min

    Dwarf Weed
    1hr 20m

    Poison Ivy
    2hr 40m
    8hr/6h 40m
    Coconuts/Cactus Spine
    Papayas/ Pineapples
    Morchella Mushrooms

    Lvl 83- Spirit Tree
    2d, 11h, 40m
    5 Monkey Nuts, 1 Monkey Bar, 1 Ground Tooth
    Jade Vine
    (10 Wildblood hops to protect it)
    21h 20m
    Poison Ivy
    Lvl 85 - Torstol
    1h 20m
    At My Arm's plot
    Inventory:  Watermelon seeds, Noted Curry Leaves, Limpwurt seeds, Dwarf Weed seeds, Poison Ivy seeds, Morchella Mushroom spore
    Falador - Explorer's Ring
    Canifis Mushroom Patch- Fairy ring to CKS, or Slayer ring to tower then run south
    Morytania - Ectophial
    N Ardougne - Ardougne Cloak Farm teleport
    Trollheim - Modify House Tab (Herb only, guaranteed disease free)
    Catherby - Home Teleport (Bank access)
    Harmony Island - Charter ship to Mos'le Harmless, ask Brother Tranquility to teleport you.
    Al Kharid (Cactus Spine)
    West of Champions Guild - Varrock Home teleport
    Rimmington - Modify House Teletab
    South Ardougne - Ardougne Cloak to monastery
    Southwest Etceteria - Modify House teletab to Relleka, take boat and jump dock.
    (or use Spirit Tree if you have an adult tree nearby)
    Al Kharid (Cactus Spines) - Home teleport
    Tai Bwo Wanai Teleport,  Juju Teleport,   Elf Crystal, 
    6 Potted Papayas, Noted Pineapples (Or Palms / noted Papayas),
    Potted Calquat, Noted Poison Ivy Berries,
    5 Magic Tree Seeds/Noted Coconuts OR 5 Yew Tree seeds/Noted Cactus Spines,
    Noted Coconuts, Noted Watermelon, Noted Wildblood
    Potted Spirit Tree seed, 5 Monkey Nuts, 1 Monkey Bar, 1 Ground Suquah Tooth
    Lumbridge - Lumbridge home, run west behind castle
    Taverly - Home Teleport
    Varrock - Taverly Home, enter House, Varrock.  From Grand Exchange, run to east side of castle
    Falador Park - Falador Home Teleport
    Gnome Tree- (Do with Fruit Tree Run - Gnome Stronghold - Spirit Tree or Glider)
    Fruit Trees
    Gnome Village - Glider(pick up Cactus Spines) or Spirit Tree
    Gnome Stronghold - Spirit Tree or Glider (Do wood trees and fruit trees now)
    East Catherby - Home teleport
    Lletya - Elf Crystal
    Herblore Habitat - Juju teleport or Witchdoctor Mask
    Calquat Tree
    Tai Bwo Wanai teleport, or Modify House teletab to Brimhaven, run south
    Brimhaven - Karamja Gloves, then cart ride (get pineapples from Del Monti)
    Jade Vine
    Ardougne - Take ship from Brimhaven
    After checking it's health, clear it so you can replant it.  Ask Horatio for a new seed.  As long as you've paid him 10 Wildblood hops once, apparently he continues to watch over it with no further payments required.
    Spirit Tree
    Southwest Etceteria - Modify House teletab to Fremenik, take boat and jump dock.
    Livid Farm- made level 84 here!
    Afterward, do daily run:
    (These are the main time-killers I try to do daily)
    Wicked Hood: Blood Runes
    Catherby Seaweed, pineapple, and Flax
    Red Sandstone
    Yanille Sand
    Ardougne Pure Essence
    Lunar Battlestaff
    Varrock Battlestaff

Friday, April 13, 2012

Runescape: Morytania Hard Tasks

More Morytania... We ran through the easy and medium tasks pretty much without any slowdowns. Next up is the hard tasks. This was noticeably more difficult than the first two, but nothing that really caused any major hold-ups. Bear in mind, Monique and I are quest-fiends. We do every quest as soon as we can, and try our best to get all the little hidden extras that sometimes come along. We love new content, so when I'm talking about these tasks, it's from that perspective. If you haven't done the respective quests first, it could take quite a bit of time to get up to speed.
Just a bit to the north
First was killing Tarn Razorlor. "Detarnation" is simple if you've got a ring of Slaying. Just bop in, and run a bit north. If you've already killed him, all you have to do is walk into the room. Over and done.

Doing "Runecraft Carrier" was a bit of a hiccup. Having to break a Blood Altar teleport tablet presupposes you've earned one from the Runecrafting Guild game, which Monique and I have never done. Way back when it came out, we pronounced it boring and moved on. Now we had to go back and earn Runecrafting Guild tokens. It only needs 45, and we got that after one game. Not too bad.
Shade-Shattering Ka-Bloom was a horse of another color, though. I've never gone back and done much with vyres after the quests involving them. So my Flail of Ivandis was amazingly low in burn count for vyre corpses. This took a while, but it wasn't a massive task. Seems like it only took a couple of hours to kill the vyre, then a bit of time to burn them at the Columbarium. Doing Bloom itself was supremely easy, I just needed the vyre count above 200. Ran just barely inside the Mort Myre gate, and finished with a sigh of relief.
The graphics are much better than back when I used this course!
Back to the easy stuff. In "They'll just throw it away again", all that's needed is to take a quick lap around the Werewolf Agility Course, out in the swamp area behind the Canifis bank and across the river. Ring of Charos needed to get in. Neither Monique nor I ever played Skullball, but I can remember putting many hours in here trying to level up. Long time ago. When the lap was done, we handed in our sticks and moved on.

In Time Saver, we popped over to the Slayer Tower via the Slayer Ring, ran to the River Salve, crossed the bridge, climbed up the river bank, and slipped through the fence. Then back through, because the 'trigger' to get task credit is for the other direction.
Huge Success is one of those tasks that you do by accident. It requires either setting a house teleport to Kharyrll (Canifis), or using yours if it's already set. We didn't plan for this one, just did it accidentally in the course of going to Canifis.

The Barrows task didn't really appeal to me. For "I Brought Your Stuff Back", I thought you'd actually have to go into the dungeon beneath the crypts. Used to have really good luck with Barrows, then my luck went away. So I don't really like Barrows any more. Turned out a lot easier than expected, though. All you have to do is walk into the Barrows enclosure while wearing a full set of (any) Barrows gear. Take a quick teleport with Draken's Medallion, stroll in, and it's done. Not so bad after all.
Just One More Key built from the earlier task involving casting "Bloom". We saved all our Vyre corpses from building up the kill count, took them to the Columbarium, and burnt them. You get credit for this task by just using one key in the Columbarium alcoves, but we went ahead and burned all the corpses while we were at it. Got some decent drops, nothing spectacular.
We went back to Darkmeyer again for "Raising the Stakes". If you've already done the associated quest, this is a snap. Monique had to make another Silver Sickle(b), but I was lucky enough to have spares in the bank. Sickles in hand, we cut and fletched a Blisterwood Polearm on the spot. Job well done.
In a repeating theme for the Morytania tasks, next up was a return to Temple Trekking. In "Trekkin' Ain't Easy" you have to take a hard companion through the hard route. I was very lucky. In and out with only 3 events, and kept my Companion safe all the way. Monique got the neverending route... We honestly thought the game had decided to continue throwing events at her until she failed. Eventually, she won through. and finished the task. We've played a lot of Temple Trekking and Burg de Rhott Ramble since then, and have never again seen such a long trek. Must have just been a fluke.

The last Hard Task was "Better Than Cursing The Darkness." Go to the Haunted Woods. Either use the piece of bark from when you chopped a Hollow Tree down, or just chop one off right there on the spot. The Ring of Fire is one of the rewards from doing "All Fired Up." Wear the ring, and use the piece of bark to light a Haunted Woods Torch. Quick, easy, and done.

These were called Hard Tasks. If you haven't completed all the requirements first, it could be time-consuming to become qualified. But the tasks themselves were simple enough. As a reward, you get the improved Morytania Legs 3 from the old guy at the Barrows. In addition to the benefits of Legs 1 and 2, you get:
(If wearing) Better overall keys from burning shades. 50% more experience burning the remains. A chance of getting more Blood Runes when Runecrafting at the Blood Altar. Plus even odds of keeping your Blood Altar Teletab when using it.

(All the time) Talk to ghosts without your Ghostspeak Amulet. Halve the amount of prayer drain while in the Barrows. 10% more from the Temple Trekking rewards. Double runes from the Barrows chest. And Robin in Port Phasmatys will give you 26 bonemeal and slaim each day for 26 bones. (Don't note the bones, he won't take them.)

The exp lamp from Hard Tasks is good for 20,000 exp, but has to be for skills above level 65.  There might have been a hiccup or two along the way, but for the most part, the hard tasks won't slow down a higher level player. It didn't take long to finish this set at all.  Overall, I had a good bit of fun running through these!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Runescape Easter 2012: Chocatrice vs Evil Chicken

And if you look closely, you'll find my Ghast from the Morytania tasks!
 Just a quick update today.  I haven't permanently disappeared, just been very focused on the Morytania Elite tasks.  Monique and I did take a brief break to do the Easter 2012 event (A Fowl Easter).  It was cute, and humorous.  Apparently the Easter Bunny suffered a mishap this year.  Depending on whether you talk to the Chocatrice, or the Evil Chicken, (both can be found in the Varrock town square by the fountain) you hear a different version.  Chocatrice claims the Easter Bunny fell off White Wolf Mountain, with a rock tied to his foot.  Evil Chicken says he fell into a lava pit.  Both are pretty happy about it.  But each has his own agenda, and you have to choose which evil boss you want to support.

Before his unfortunate incident, E.B. (Easter Bunny) managed to hide 5 eggs.  Our task  was to collect those eggs.  At least 3 will get you a face mask.  Either a chocolate mask, or a fried egg mask, depending on who you're supporting.  But you can't just deliver the eggs.  You have to shoot them with the Egg-sterminator (No, I'm not making this up) to hatch the chicks, then shoot them again to turn the chicks into either a marshmallow chocolate treat, or a drumstick.  Horrible!  It' so sick I just had to laugh.  Those poor chicks are so cute, too.  They pop out of the egg with a high jump, and when they land, just innocently wander around peeping at things.  Until you shoot them.

Turn those poor edible remains in to your appropriate leader, and you get the appropriate mask.  But wait... there's more!  Yep, you can turn right around and do another egg hunt for the other side.  You get to be a double agent!  This is what we did, to collect both masks.  Then, if you've hard-shelled enough, go for it one more time.  Collect all five eggs 3 different times, for the final reward.  So we ran around, collecting all 5 eggs, 3 different times.  In return, our Eggsterminator is permanent.  Otherwise, when the event is over, the Eggsterminator melts away.

A Chocochick just hatching out!

Also, Every time you get 5 eggs during a single hunt, you get a small experience reward.  Pretty much in the same style and for the same points as a random event.  It's not much, and I sure wouldn't do the whole event over and over just for that.  But as long as it's there... I'm gonna cash it in!

One final bit of icing on the cake... if you're wearing one of the 2 masks, and another player shoots you with the Eggsterminator, there's a hidden emote.  You'll be spun fully around, with a mildly different animation depending on whether you're wearing the egg mask or the chocolate mask.  To be honest, we had a hard time telling the two emotes apart.  But it didn't stop us from shooting each other for a while!

Hit me again!
That was the description.  As far as opinion goes, maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it, but it just didn't seem as fun as most seasonal events.  It was cute, it was funny (in a mean sort of way), and had plenty of added content depending on how thorough you wanted to be.  The difficulty was easy enough to get finished pretty quickly.  There was even a bonus.  A new hunt starts every two hours.  Whoever is the first person to find a certain egg during the current hunt, has their name announced on the public chat for all to see.  Not that Monique or I ever managed that.  We were more 'follow the leader' this time around.

But still, it just seemed flat this time.  Maybe I was too focused on the Morytania tasks.  I  do tend to obsess on just one thing until it's done.  Or maybe the hunt was just too much 'same old, same old'.  Not sure.  Last year's Easter content was spectacular, maybe this one just didn't measure up by comparison.

Maybe it was just me.  What was your opinion?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Runescape: Morytania Medium Tasks

Now that Jagex finally released the Morytania tasks, Monique and I have been running through them a bit each day.  For fun, and because it just makes sense, we've started with the easy tasks, and are working our way up.  The last blog covered all the easy tasks, and they were pretty much an easy run exactly as advertised.  Next comes the Medium tasks.  Starting right off the bat, this doesn't seem very different from the easy tasks.  To begin with, we hopped a charter ship to Port Phasmatys.  This takes a couple of ecto tokens unless you've complete Ghosts Ahoy. 
Then it's on the the Burgh de Rott Ramble, which is the reverse of the Temple Trekking game.  This one's pretty easy, since there's no prerequisite as to who you have to choose, or which route to take.  Just grab one of the easy companions, and zip through whichever route sounds fun.  Even if you don't play Ramble or Trekking, this one's really easy.
The next task is just as easy as the boat charter task.  Use your ectophial.  That's it.  If you've got the ectophial, this one takes barely a moment.  It was also one of those Monique and I completed by accident.  When we were headed over that way, we didn't realize the ectophial was actually a later task.  Guess we should have looked ahead and planned, but it's just more fun to take them one at a time. 
The Yeast They Can Do involved buying brewing yeast from Metarialus.  He lives (bad pun) in the Green Ghost Inn, down in the cellar.  By the way, you'll need your Ghostspeak amulet.  Keep the yeast, you'll use it later (Unless you're one of those organized folk that plan everything out for maximum efficiency.  In that case, you probably came prepared for the other task involving brewing.)
For the Flamtaer task, we both had to go buy another hammer.  Ours were sacrificed years ago to the god of 'not enough bank space'.  I vaguely remember that way back then, we thought 13,000 gold was a significant expense (The cost of a Flamtaer Hammer).  Years later, 13k is about what we get from the free daily Flax that Geoffrey... er, Flax... gives out.  I like all those little freebies Runescape offers as you achieve new things.  Don't always bother with them, but it's a nice extra bonus.  Anyway, once you've got the hammer, this one's just a quick dash in and you're done. 

The Fairy Rings are along the same line as the charter boat or the ectophial task.  All you have to do is teleport in from a fairy ring.  I'll even save you having to look it up... the code is ALQ.  Most likely, you've already accidentally done this one, especially if you hunt penguins weekly.

Barking up the wrong tree is another one of those where you need to keep for a later task.  Go to Canifis, click on the other side of the river, and just run around a bit.  The hollow trees are easy to find.  (No Keebler elves, though.)  Cut some bark, and bank it for later.  The next task involved using the western gate of Port Phasmatys.  Since we were already close, we just ran over that way.  I think we had to be leaving the town for it to count.  Don't remember for sure, but it seems like just running into town from the swamp didn't work.  We had to use the side gate as we were leaving to make it official.  Or maybe it just required a two-way use.

Ready? Trek! found us running through Temple Trekking once again.  This is definitely an ongoing theme.  From easy to elite, Temple Trekking (and Burg de Rott) are thoroughly woven into the Morytania task set.  In this one, we had to take a medium companion through a medium route.  Okay,still easy enough.  And only one run-through.  No big problems, yet.
Here's where it started getting my attention.  Unlock a chest in the Shade Catacombs?  Right, like I'm going to remember how to do that.  It was plain luck that I remembered how to get to the Shade Catacombs!  Wound up googling how to do it.  Found some sacred oil still in my bank after all this time, but it wasn't enough.  Turns out easy enough to just buy more from the GE.  Because of the tasks being newly released, I had to pay a lot more than the GE price.  But when we offered enough, they were quickly available.  Went through all the appropriate steps.  Killed a shade in Mort'ton, burned the remains on the west side of town, took the resulting keys to the catacombs.  No, it really wasn't hard.  Just tedious. 

 Back to the simple;  our next goal was to trap a swamp lizard.  In the Haunted Woods, there's a hunter icon just a little south from the Werewolf Agility Course.  Bringing a rope and a small fishing net allowed us to quickly net our quota of swamp lizard.  Had to bring an extra net... the one in out toolbelts didn't work.

For Finding Your Balance, we had to make a Guthix Balance potion completely within Morytania.  All it took was Harralander, Red Spider's Eggs, and a vial of water to make a Restore Potion.  Then we added Garlic and Silver Dust.  For this one, the GE was a great way to get all the parts.  Then just ecto in, mix the brew, and we're ready to hit the next one.

The Beer Inn-spectre is a follow-on from when we had to come down here for the easier tasks.  We did ours at the same time, but if you're coming here from scratch, you'll want to come prepared to make either Ale, or Cider.  Cider is simpler, but both are easy enough.  For Cider, just bring 16 cooking apples and 4 empty buckets.  For ale, it's 2 buckets of water, a couple of barley malts, ale yeast, and whatever main ingredient you choose.  I think we used ground chocolate, but don't really remember.  This kind of stuff is Monique's specialty, so I just followed her instructions.

Brain Bending is a somewhat creepy telegrab assignment.  Get to the Canifis tavern (Hair of the Dog) any way you like.  If you've got a house teleport for it, that's easiest.  Bring enough runes to telegrab, then use the telegrab spell on the pickled brain.  It's on one of the tables.  All it requires is 33 magic.  If you've made it this far, I suspect you won't have any trouble with the magic requirement.

While you're at the Hair of the Dog, now's a good time to run around to the trap door behind it.  While it's described as 'exploring' the tunnel, in reality, all we had to do was step through the secret door in the cellar wall.  If you've already leveled Zachary Bragg in Temple Trekking to 99 (you lucky dog!) then it's easiest to enter the tunnel from the backside.  Or toggle the shortcut off.  Otherwise it skips you past the part you'll need.

This next part is pretty cool.  Not because it's harder, easier, or interesting.  But because it's associated with the rewards from the medium Morytania tasks.  The task involves making cannonballs while in Port Phasmatys.  All you need is a steel bar and the ammo mould.  The cool part is that once you've complete the medium tasks, forever after you'll do cannonballs in Port Phasmatys twice as fast as normal.  Since the bank is just across the street from the furnace, that's a pretty cool deal.  At least, if you're a do-it-yourselfer, or if you make cannonballs for sale.
The Higher, the Badder is a fun task.  We just grabbed our slayer helm, used the slayer ring to get the the Slayer Tower, and climbed the shortcut in the severed hand room.  On the following floor, we just killed anything that caught our fancy.  I went after the Infernal Mages.  Not sure, but I think I saw Monique killing a Bloodveld.  Either way, quick, easy, done.
From the Slayer Tower, we sprinted south to the farming patch.  Thanks again to Monique's specialty being farming, we had already planted Bittercap Mushrooms in advance.  A quick stopover to pick them, and it was time to move on.  If you haven't pre-planted for them, expect about a 4-hour wait for them to mature.  You can always move ahead to other tasks, and come back later.
Polterheist was one of those 'complicated' ones.  Neither of us had been to the haunted mine in such a long time, we had forgotten how to get there.  Turns out, you need a Crystal-mine key, but that's okay, ours was still on the key ring from the "One Small Favor" quest.  I had also forgotten the tools in the mine will attack you.  I tried to grab a pick-axe to hit the rock with, and it started hitting me.  No real threat, and it was relatively easy to find the mithril and mine some. 
 For our final Medium Morytania task, we had to check out Razmire's supplies in the Mort'ton Builder's Merchants shop.  If you've already fed him a Serum 208, he's permanently cured and this is no problem.  Otherwise, he'll need either a Serum 207 or 208 to be able to interact with you.  Later, one of the rewards is from Razmire.  Come back once you've done all the medium tasks, and he'll give free lumber away.  It's limited, but figure whatever you choose, you'll get between 6k and 10k worth of planks daily.  Personally, it's a long ways out of my way for such a small reward.  But it's there.  If I'm running through, I'll sure stop and grab some.
Speaking of rewards, it's time to upgrade the Morytania Legs.  Speak to Robin in Port Phasmatys and you'll get some goodies.  Beginning with the Morytania Legs 2.  In addition to the Legs 1 abilities, here's the newest:
Wearing the legs, you can:
Smith cannonballs at double-speed in Port Phasmatys.
Teleport to the Ectofuntus slimepit 5 times daily.  Very cool if you're training prayer.
Any time (wearing the legs or not):
Get noted planks daily from Razmire.
Have your West-Canifis mushroom patch protected from disease.
Get 13 bonemeal and slime daily from Robin, in exchange for 13 bones. (Another great option for Prayer training.)
And finally, the haunted beings in the Abandoned mine won't bother to attack you any more.  Not that impressive.  I haven't been in that mine in years.  But still, you never know!
Oh, one last bit... if you finished this task before April 11, 2012, you get an early bird reward - a 15k exp lamp!