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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Runescape Farming Run: Working toward the Morytania Elite Tasks

(Note:  If you just want my Farming route, scroll to the bottom)

Still working toward the Morytania Elite Tasks.  Monique needs about 5 levels of Fishing, I needed 7 more Farming.  Her work is simpler, but going slow.  I'm having better luck.  When first starting out, my farming knowledge was buried somewhere out on the back 40.  It took about 3 days of google, wiki, and cruising the forums, but I've finally gotten a grip on it.

Not saying it's a 'good' grip...  but at least I have a plan that's working.  (I've included my crop run below.)  Even though trees are by far the best experience, speed is important too, so my route includes allotment, mushrooms, bushes, as well as trees.  And in between, I do Livid Farm.

My Arm's remote Never-Fail Herbal patch!

My recent spate of farming started off at level 80.  I hate farming, and haven't worked on it in years.  Things have changed a lot.  Monique's first 99 was Farming, and she's constantly reminding me how much harder it was when she was training it.  You know, walked to school uphill both ways in the snow, in the dark, with an injured foot...  and bad weather.  While it's fun to poke fun, she's right.  It's so much easier now, with teleports, noted crops, Magic Secateurs, Never-ending Water Can, and especially the new Home Teleport system with the Lodestones.

Been using the Lunar Spell system.  With Fertile Soil and Cure Plant, it's just a lot easier.  Again, all the newer teleport options make it convenient even on Lunar magic.  When I gear up, the worn equipment is the same for plant, trees, and Livid Farm.  The only change to my inventory is between supplies for an allotment/bush/mushroom run, versus supplies for a tree run.

My first Spirit Tree nearly grown up!
By now, I can do Spirit Trees, and as of night before last, reached the required level for Torstols.  Unfortunately, my money has bottomed out again.  Started with 39million gold in the bank.  Bought supplies for farming that seemed the best cost/exp ratio, and am currently down to 13 million, and still buying seeds and 'protection' items.  No big deal, as long as it lasts long enough to get level 87.  From 87, I can use a Stranger Plant and boost to 91.

Last night, I wanted a break from the constant allotment running.  Did my trees, skipped the rest.  Decided to try camping at Rum-Pumped Crabs for a while, to build the bank back up.  (It didn't go extremely well, trying again another time.)  Anyway, for now it's just the tree run.  Like I've mentioned, Farming is sort of "least-favorite".  At level 85, it may take a few days longer to get to 87 using only trees.  But might be worth it.

Or it could be that after a night off, going back to the full drill won't feel like such a drag!  Either way, I'm close to getting the critical levels to finish off the Morytania Elite Tasks.  Once done, I'll post the task list and  thoughts for Elite.

Regarding this Farming run... I'm sure there are better organized, more efficient runs out there.  Just couldn't find any that appealed.  I wanted something appropriate to level 80 farming and above.  Did NOT want to do hops, but did want all the rest.

For what it's worth, here's my run.  Feel free to use it, modify it, or... like I did... create one from scratch.  Whatever helps get those levels!!

    In between farming runs do Livid Farm for Remote Farm spell.
    Basic gear for all phases of farming:
    Ardougne Cloak
    Agile top
    Morytania Legs
    Explorer's Ring
    Falador Shield
    Magic Secateurs
    Wicked Hood
    Amulet of Nature
    Wisdom Aura
Teletab (modify to get to Trollheim)
Magic Watering Can
Inferno Adze
Mystic Mud Staff for casting Fertile Soil
    Spellbook on Lunar for Fertile Soil (super compost)
    (Designed for lvl 80 and above farming)

    Protect with:
    70 min
    20 min

    Dwarf Weed
    1hr 20m

    Poison Ivy
    2hr 40m
    8hr/6h 40m
    Coconuts/Cactus Spine
    Papayas/ Pineapples
    Morchella Mushrooms

    Lvl 83- Spirit Tree
    2d, 11h, 40m
    5 Monkey Nuts, 1 Monkey Bar, 1 Ground Tooth
    Jade Vine
    (10 Wildblood hops to protect it)
    21h 20m
    Poison Ivy
    Lvl 85 - Torstol
    1h 20m
    At My Arm's plot
    Inventory:  Watermelon seeds, Noted Curry Leaves, Limpwurt seeds, Dwarf Weed seeds, Poison Ivy seeds, Morchella Mushroom spore
    Falador - Explorer's Ring
    Canifis Mushroom Patch- Fairy ring to CKS, or Slayer ring to tower then run south
    Morytania - Ectophial
    N Ardougne - Ardougne Cloak Farm teleport
    Trollheim - Modify House Tab (Herb only, guaranteed disease free)
    Catherby - Home Teleport (Bank access)
    Harmony Island - Charter ship to Mos'le Harmless, ask Brother Tranquility to teleport you.
    Al Kharid (Cactus Spine)
    West of Champions Guild - Varrock Home teleport
    Rimmington - Modify House Teletab
    South Ardougne - Ardougne Cloak to monastery
    Southwest Etceteria - Modify House teletab to Relleka, take boat and jump dock.
    (or use Spirit Tree if you have an adult tree nearby)
    Al Kharid (Cactus Spines) - Home teleport
    Tai Bwo Wanai Teleport,  Juju Teleport,   Elf Crystal, 
    6 Potted Papayas, Noted Pineapples (Or Palms / noted Papayas),
    Potted Calquat, Noted Poison Ivy Berries,
    5 Magic Tree Seeds/Noted Coconuts OR 5 Yew Tree seeds/Noted Cactus Spines,
    Noted Coconuts, Noted Watermelon, Noted Wildblood
    Potted Spirit Tree seed, 5 Monkey Nuts, 1 Monkey Bar, 1 Ground Suquah Tooth
    Lumbridge - Lumbridge home, run west behind castle
    Taverly - Home Teleport
    Varrock - Taverly Home, enter House, Varrock.  From Grand Exchange, run to east side of castle
    Falador Park - Falador Home Teleport
    Gnome Tree- (Do with Fruit Tree Run - Gnome Stronghold - Spirit Tree or Glider)
    Fruit Trees
    Gnome Village - Glider(pick up Cactus Spines) or Spirit Tree
    Gnome Stronghold - Spirit Tree or Glider (Do wood trees and fruit trees now)
    East Catherby - Home teleport
    Lletya - Elf Crystal
    Herblore Habitat - Juju teleport or Witchdoctor Mask
    Calquat Tree
    Tai Bwo Wanai teleport, or Modify House teletab to Brimhaven, run south
    Brimhaven - Karamja Gloves, then cart ride (get pineapples from Del Monti)
    Jade Vine
    Ardougne - Take ship from Brimhaven
    After checking it's health, clear it so you can replant it.  Ask Horatio for a new seed.  As long as you've paid him 10 Wildblood hops once, apparently he continues to watch over it with no further payments required.
    Spirit Tree
    Southwest Etceteria - Modify House teletab to Fremenik, take boat and jump dock.
    Livid Farm- made level 84 here!
    Afterward, do daily run:
    (These are the main time-killers I try to do daily)
    Wicked Hood: Blood Runes
    Catherby Seaweed, pineapple, and Flax
    Red Sandstone
    Yanille Sand
    Ardougne Pure Essence
    Lunar Battlestaff
    Varrock Battlestaff


Anonymous said...

Very nice farming guide/blog. Farming is my lowest, but not my least favorite skill. At 65 it clearly needs some training, but I just can't be asked to start up herb running again and trees cost too much for me right now.

The only real bonus for training farming right now, for me atleast, would being able to plant lycopus in dungeoneering. I think I'll start using my peng points on farming instead of runecrafting now, 87 farming is a high req. for the mort tasks!

Crewman6 said...

Thanks, I appreciate it! If it wasn't required for tasks and quests, my farming would still be rock-bottom. And you're right, herbs are slow and trees expensive.

Lycopus is a worthwhile goal, considering all the boosts it can make with strong potions.

I don't mind Runecrafting as much as farming, but all my peng points go to Dungeoneering. I solo, and it's slow. That seems the best place to spend them on.

For the Mort tasks, Farming and Temple Trekking took the most effort for me. Both were very low. Now I'm just waiting for Monique to level up her fishing, and we'll complete the last task together.

Anonymous said...

I think you're missing out on dungeoneering w/ a group. Going from 1-80 was brutal w/ all the rage quitters and jerks. But now since I've gotten to a higher level everyone is much more mature and I've met quite a few friends.

Especially w/ the new dunge update most "random" teams on w77 get ~30 minute larges. W/ each large being around 85k it's a good 150k/hour taking in the time to get a team.

Ever need help dunge'ing or anything feel free to add!

Crewman6 said...

That's an amazing offer, and I know you're right. With my schedule, planning anything is nearly impossible, but I'm putting you on my friend list, and maybe one evening if the timing is good, I'll ask you for that favor.


Crewman6 said...

Ummm... just so you'll recognize me someday... I go by Techreader in RS.