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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Runescape: Bakriminel Bolts

I'm a little behind the times with the new Bakriminel Bolts.  To be honest, the fletching requirement was too high for me, and I just forgot about it.  Since I don't do pvp, and the bolts are most useful in pvp, there just wasn't enough desire to raise my fletching.  The requirements are 85 woodcutting and 93 fletching.  Woodcutting wasn't a problem, but my fletching is only 87, and not likely to go up any time soon.

The bolts didn't catch my fancy, so I forgot to mention them to Monique until a couple of days later.  Turned out, she hadn't read the updates, and wasn't even aware of it.  After mentioning Bakriminel Bolts to her, her antenna perked up.  A little research, and she's all interested.  She's got the levels required.  (Monique... how the heck did you get 93 Fletching???)  She made a couple of trial runs, and decided it was quick and easy profit.  (She's currently making roughly 250k for every run, and the trees regenerate every 6 hours.) 

Now that she's comfortable making her Bakriminel runs to the Bloodwood trees, she mentioned she'd be glad to 'assist' me in making bolts too.  I'd get the bolts, and she'd get more experience from the assist program. 

These bolts are extremely powerful, and can be used effectively against monsters.  But where they really shine is in pvp against mages.  To put it briefly, they offer targetable special damage.  You get to choose one of 3 targets, each of which does something unique and painful to player mage characters.  And they're currently selling for much higher than the GE price shows.  Bakriminel Bolts can only be fired from a Chaotic crossbow or a Rune crossbow.

The bolts are only available from Bloodwood trees, and you have to start the first time by speaking to Mami Rimba.  She's near the wilderness edge by the new Edgeville Home teleport pedestal.  After some colorful conversation (and wild eyes) she'll be willing to sell you some special Bolt tips.  Won't tell you how to make them, but she'll sell them to you.

From this point, Monique took me on her Bakriminel bolt rounds.  First she told me what to bring, and what to wear (mainly the Vyrewatch gear so the vampires won't be aggressive at the Darkmeyer tree.)  We used our Inferno Adze for the chopping, but any axe should work fine.  The Bloodwood trees are suitably gruesome, with skulls around the base, and the limbs look like bone and muscle. According to Runescape, the ones deep in the wilderness give greater rewards.  As far as we can tell, that's not necessarily true.  The best tree I got in the wilderness was 3 logs, which was the same as my best tree in the non-wilderness.  Monique did get 5 logs from one tree.  Even so, that's not huge numbers.

We had to be careful not to step away from the tree while she was assisting me.  Too far, and the logs disappear.  Monique found out the hard way, if you cut Bloodwood logs, then get taken away by a random, you LOSE your logs!  What a pain.  Just remember, you have to cut them, then fletch them, before leaving the tree.  Otherwise you lose any logs or incomplete bolts.

Monique had worked up a route she likes, but after running it with her, we thought next time we might check the convenience of shortcutting from Ghorrock (the Frost Fortress) into the Wilderness.  It looks like a viable route, and might make the run easier.  We also didn't realize there was a nearby fairy ring, so we ran from Fremmenik all the way up to the canoe.  Would have saved over half the run if we'd used the DKS fairy ring.  A polar bear would be even easier, but too much of a waste for just that one use.

  I haven't experimented with Bakriminel Bolts yet, but it seems like they should be excellent for Jad, or the Fight Kiln.  Costly, though.  Still haven't seriously attempted the Fight Kiln yet.  I like the Steel Titan method, it looks very useable.  But don't have Dreadnips, and have never done the Dominion Tower.  Looks like it might be worth doing the 450 boss fights at the Tower in order to have access to Dreadnips.  One more thing I need to do...  right after finishing the Morytania tasks.

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