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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Runescape: Short-term goals and Long-term goals

Now THERE'S a wasted cannonball!
 Didn't think I'd have time last night, but wound up going down to the Frost Dragons.  Lasted the duration of one Pack Yak.  I've been operating under a handicap, lacking a Chaotic Rapier.  I know, 88 Dungeoneering and no Chaotic...  That's because I've always solo dungeoneered, or at most, Monique has gone along with me.  Not knowing at the time how great the Chaotics are, all my points went into the Ring of Kinship.  Looking back, I guess there's no regret.  Boosting the ring does help within the Dungeons.  But now it'll be a long time before getting any Chaotic weapon.  Yes, I know it's faster going in teams, but I enjoy playing solo.  Don't like the stress of working with a team.  As long as it's fun, that's the big thing.

Looking online for guides vs Frost Dragons, there were some that recommended a Vine Whip as an alternative choice.  That seemed good, especially since I do have a Vine Whip.  No money or time spent just trying to get one.  The Vine Whip poisons, so it seemed like a fair compromise.  But something a friend said made me start wondering about Korasi's Sword.  While down there last night, the sword went, and not the whip.  Turns out Korasi's Sword is FAR better than a vine whip to kill Frost Dragons.  What a huge difference... Now when I need a little Soul Split, it's actually an effective solution.  Before, it was very (pardon the expression) hit or miss. 

Eventually, it would be nice to have at least one Chaotic weapon.  But there's so very many goals in Runescape, and just not enough time to play them all.  My immediate goal right now is to make money with Frost Dragons.  This in turn will fund my attempts to beat the Fight Kiln.   (Ha! - You thought I'd forgotten about that by now, huh?) 

I haven't forgotten the Kiln.  I'm just seriously horrible at complex combat.  It's going to take a lot of practice and many tries.  Plus large amounts of gold.  After spending most of my bank getting some Crafting levels recently, the Frost Dragons are helping build it back.  It would be nice to have about 50 Million as a cushion before making a determined effort on the Kiln.

Let's not forget Bonus Experience Weekend coming up, too.  There's a lot on my plate for that weekend, but Monique and I still intend to maximize our bonus exp.  Will probably spend more time crafting.  Herblore too, since it's time to make more Overloads.  Monique has invited me to train Runecrafting at the ZMI altar with her.  Unless we decide to do gold mining in the Living Rock Cavern.  Then there's always Agility.  At 91, I can't think of any serious in-game advantage to be earned with a higher Agility.  Except that in the long run, I want the Completionists Cape, so ALL the 99s are important. 
Man, there's just so much to do... Anybody want to hire me full-time to play Runescape?
... Nah, didn't think so.  Guess I'll just keep playing in my spare time.   :^)

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