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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Runescape: Skill Weekend 3/16/12- What will YOU be working on?

Not much going on right now for me.  Internet has been having intermittent service, so I've been unable to do anything dangerous.  I keep getting logged out.  Cable guy came out today, installed a couple of new parts.  Said there was a problem with the 'forward signal' in the outside lines, whatever that means.  He's sending someone to check it out.

In the meantime, I'm stuck skilling.  Doing things that won't cause problems if it logs me out.  Which ties in very nicely to today's "Behind the Scenes" announcements.  New Extra Experience Weekend coming up the weekend of March 16 (2012).  That's cool.  Monique and I usually make it a date weekend, and let everybody know we're out of touch for the weekend.  I haven't decided what to spend the time doing.  Thinking to spend at least part of the time on Agility.  It would be good to get crafting up, too.  That's an expensive skill if you're using Black Dragonhides! I pre-bought enough Black Dragon Leathers to go up one level... from 86 to 87. 

Then there's mining.  At one point that was going to be my next 99, but events (and Runescape Updates) have sidetracked me a bit.  Or, if they allow extra tokens and exp for Dungeoneering, that's an option.  Can't remember offhand if they allowed it last time or not.  Have to wait for more details to see what Jagex's rules and restrictions are for this time around.

Problem is, there's too many skills to work on, and not enough weekend to do it in.  Monique's got 98 Defence and aiming for 99, this might be a great opportunity for her to get her next 99.  Of course, choosing how to spend that time is half the fun.  I enjoy looking through the skills, seeing what's close to another level, or what's normally an expensive/slow skill to raise.  These weekends are great.  One of the first ones earned me a 99 Construction, which was awesome, considering it's expense.  The Hati paws helped train my Agility.  Monique got 99 Crafting AND Herblore from the last time.

There's just so many choices, I'm really looking forward to it.  For now, not really sure what to do, but going to have fun doing it!

So what did YOU do during Extra Exp Weekend last time?

What are your goals for this time?


Anonymous said...

BXW doesn't give x2 tokens for dungeoneering sadly. If it did, that'd be my first choice for sure.

Last BXW I trained my magic and slayer via ice strykes to start off giving me some great mage exp, then followed it up by getting 99 summoning. Even though it was capped at 1.1x to begin with, I was just too eager to get 99.

This BXW I'm going to train my smithing from 70 to 75ish, then train my thieving the rest of the time. I should do crafting but can't be asked.

Crewman6 said...

I was afraid of that. Couldn't remember for sure.
I was the same, even at 1.1, it was still a boost. Better than under normal circumstances.

Smithing is cool. I like it for how useful it is in Dungeoneering. Thieving's a good idea, too. I like skills that make money while you train. Too many of them are just plain expensive.

MasterJamz1 said...

BXW is going to be quite a thrill! I plan on working RC, Craft, Herb and Farm, all in that order. At least 5 hours a piece for RC and Craft per day, and then just mix the time for herb, farm, and use my 99 Thieving on the Master Farmer in Ardougne to get the herb seeds. Also hoping to have plenty of seeds from My Kingdom. I wish you and Monique much luck on getting your skills higher during BXW!

Crewman6 said...

Thanks MasterJamz1! Sounds like you've got major plans all mapped out. We just found out our best friends will be in town that weekend, so it's going to be quite the dance step to spend time with them, and still get our skilling.

So far, giving up sleep sounds like the best plan... :^)