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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Runescape: Hello, Frost Dragons!

A day or so ago, I posted about retro fun with Red Dragons.  It was enjoyable, relaxing, and easy.  Went to the Blue Dragons for a while, but as suspected, even the resource dungeon was crowded.  Thinking about dragons, and resource dungeons, reminded me of Frost Dragons.

Last time Frost Dragons came up on the radar was when Monique and I were going through all the resource dungeons for the Dungeoneering exp.  At that time, we couldn't get into the Frost Dragon dungeon, and it just hasn't come up again since then. I had read, before the bot-bomb, that it was overcrowded.  Before even researching how to fight them, a quick visit was in order.  Crowds?  Nope.  The place was half empty.  Cool.

Time to study.  Thank goodness for Google!  Found a few guides that got me started.  Following the layout that sounded best, I headed out to do battle.  I died.  Lucky me, saw it coming, and hit the House Teletab.  Death inside the player owned house is desirable, because you don't lose anything.  Relieved, happy, still have my stuff... but what went wrong?

Looking over my mistakes, the first was not bringing enough food.  As a newbie to the Frost Dragons, food should have been a bigger priority.  Would have bought some more time to get used to things.  Other big mistake was just not keeping the proper prayers on, not balancing all the details.  There's a lot to track.  I'm a klutz with combat anyway, but this is good practice.  I probably didn't react quickly enough to the spinning orb, either.  The final error was in not understanding how to use the Yak special, Winter Storage Scroll.  Odd, huh?  All this time with 99 Summoning, I've never bothered to use the Winter Storage Scroll before. 

Rebalancing the inventory, I went out to take my chances once more.  This time went much better.  It was frenetic, nerve-wracking, and crazy.  Kept track of Anti-fires, Overloads, Prayer potions, managed all the prayer switching reasonably well...  and kept my hit points decent the whole trip.  Even kept up with sending the bones to the bank.
Used Reverence Aura.  The Rune Arrows were Frost Dragon drops
 Just before the Yak timed out, the Frost Dragons got me multiple times for more damage than was comfortable.  Time to hit the panic button.  Leave the cannon behind, it's not worth it.  Arrived at my POH with 39 life points left.  Good enough.  Went to Varrock, checked the bank, and found exactly 100 Frost Dragon Bones.  Sold them for about 1 and 3/4 million gold pieces.  Which took about the lifespan of a Pack Yak.  Life is good.
Still need to play with the inventory, but this was the first GOOD one.
During my longer trip, it did get crowded a little.  Not enough to ruin things, just enough to have to wait for a dragon now and then.  When I got out, it was definitely time for a break.  But it was fun, and something worth going back for.  Paying for supplies will cut into the profit, but still, well worth the time.


Anonymous said...

veryy enjoyable too read! :)

Crewman6 said...

Thanks, I appreciate it! Tried to go back again last night, but my internet kept losing connection, just long enough to freeze me, and sometimes to log me out. Figured I'd better wait. :^)

Anonymous said...

If you don't have a rapier, what'd you spend all your tokens on from 85 dunge? I'm 100k~ exp off of frosts, can't wait to do them!

Crewman6 said...

The ring of kinship. I've always either soloed dungeoneering, or duo'd with my wife, back then I didn't think A Chaotic weapon would make all that much difference.

Now I know better, but it's too late. Gonna take forever getting those points again!