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Saturday, February 4, 2012

All of a sudden, lots of new content in Runescape!

Recently, I've been doing circles in the advanced Gnome Agility Course.  Before that, I was working on mining gold in the Living Rock Cavern.  But then Hati and Skoll came out, so Monique and I took a break to do them.  Once I got Skoll's boots, and saw how great they were for Agility, I decided to use them up on agility.
So, round and round we go.  One lap, two laps, many.  Baby Jad faithfully following behind.  Then, with about 15% left on the boots, Runescape came out with the Burthorpe/Taverly newby update.  Here we go again.  Monique and I had planned on doing all the content, even if it was intro stuff.  We both like new content, and it doesn't always have to be high-level.  I also found out later, that I've lost my Taskmaster emote.  To get it back, I have to complete all the new stuff. 
We got a large part done last night.   Close to midnight, called it a night.  Hoped to finish today.  But instead, I'm falling behind on my writing, and spent all evening trying to catch up.  Now, it's nearly 11:30, and we're going to wait some more.  I haven't even done my Trolls yet this month!  Usually those get done on the first day of the month.

New day.  This is a first for me.  A Runescape blog I didn't write in sitting?  Man.  But I'm writing at least 3 other blogs a day, plus work.  It's hard to fit everything I want to do into one single day. 
Anyway, we finished the last few tasks.  Got my Taskmaster emote back, that felt good.  Worked long and hard for that, hate losing it every time something new comes along.

Now, it's back to the grind.  Agility has been going well.  Made 90 recently.  For a slow skill, and one I'm not over-fond of, it hasn't seemed too bad.  I really like the new meter the screen shows.  This little circle near the top, with the bar filling more and more of the perimeter as I gain experience.  A lot of these little mainenance fixes have been pretty good.

Got about 8% left on the Skoll boots.  After that, it's either push on through Agility, or go back to mining gold in the Living Rock Caverns.

Huh.  You know what?  I just realized I haven't done my trolls yet this month!  Guess I'll go back to Burthorpe.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, what are you going to name your baby troll? and what's your total level?

Crewman6 said...

Thanks, I appreciate it! I named it "My Own Dad". If you save the Troll General's bones, and feed them to the Troll baby, you get this sick and twisted scene where the baby realizes those are his Dad's bones, you recoil in horror at the thought, and are given a chance to change your mind. If you continue, Baby Troll likes the bones, and his name becomes "My Own Dad".
Funny scene, if a little revolting. But I wanted something out of the ordinary. Started to feed him one of my Baby Black Dragons, but realized it doesn't say the color in the name, so that would be a horrible waste of a lot of effort. Same for my 2nd Baby Jad. The idea had it's temptations, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So, hopefully this name will stand out well enough.

My total level? 2,344. My current rank is 16,419. Used to be less than 10,000, but I just don't have the time to invest any more. I still love to play, though!

So, what did you name your baby troll?

Anonymous said...

Oh i see, that's a neat idea. I got my first dragon egg just the other day from a black dragon. Can't wait to raise it! Naming it your jad pet would definitely be a one-of-a-kind. Ha.

Very high rank too! I'm close to 2100 i want to say. I haven't gotten my baby troll pet yet. Been too tied up w/ rl and when i'm on i've had to do clan events usually.

PS thanks for the MA guide. It's the reason why i went out of my way to get that 300 rank ha. Sucked at the time but it's well worth it.

Crewman6 said...

Baby Black Dragons are one of my top 2 favorite pets in the game. That's cool. It also shows you've 99'd Summoning, which is one of the harder skills to max. At 2100, you're very high-leveled. It takes a long time to get that far!

I know exactly what you mean about real life. It's been really hard to find 'fun time' recently. (But I still manage!)

You're welcome. And you nailed it exactly... I hated spending all that time on MA, but now that I've got the rings, I'm glad I did!