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Friday, February 24, 2012

Runescape: Slacking Off With the Red Dragons

Had a little retro fun recently.  I know, at high combat levels we're supposed to do 'bigger' things, take more risks, defeat major boss monsters.  Well, I'm not so good at that stuff.  And the next big thing for me is going to be the Fight Kiln.  I've had some good suggestions from online friends, Wiki has a lot of info, and when I've rebuilt my income a bit, I'm going for it.

In the interests of making easy money, Monique and I spend a couple of days doing the 'daily tasks' rounds.  You know, battlestaves, yak hides, sand from Bert, chocolate from Lumbridge.  All those things.  We tried to limit it to the most time-efficient and profitable items.  After a couple of days, we realized we can easily make more money using other methods.  The only things that were fast AND profitable were Battlestaves (including Baba Yaga's), and unfinished Broad Bolts.  So we're junking the whole route, and just hitting the high points.  
Plus we're going to keep doing red sand for 6-potion flasks.  Monique sells hers, but I'm saving mine up for my Fight Kiln attempts.  My crafting skill's a bit low, but with last weekend's dragon-hide crafting blitz, I can make flasks with the help of a crafting potion.

In the meantime, I've been looking at moneymaking options and seeing what sounds fun.  Because, after all, this is a game, and the biggest factor is having fun.  After considering and rejecting several tried and true methods, and a few that I haven't tried yet, I decided to slay some dragons.  

What do you consider when you're choosing dragons to kill?  Greens?  Too much competition.  Blues?  Love them- fast and easy.  I may go try the resource dungeon and see how crowded it is.  Black dragons?  Again, I love doing them, but they require more time, and extra resources to fight them efficiently.  

How about Reds?  Hmmm... an often under-utilized dragon.  Not as easy as greens and blues.  Easier than the black dragons.  I did briefly consider the metal dragons, but just wasn't feeling it.  Reds were sounding pretty good.  Especially considering ease of access.  With a modified home teletab, I can teleport directly to Brimhaven, landing very close to the Karamja dungeon.  With the Karamja gloves 4 there's free access to the dungeon, and a direct shortcut to the red dragons.  And with the new toolbelt, a low-level axe is always handy to cut through the vines.  

For the return journey, use a house teletab, and on the way through, recharge summoning and prayer points.  Bring a Yak, and it winds up as a very cost-efficient procedure.  No prayer potions, no super-sets, no overloads.  Just my best melee gear, Dragonfire shield, and anti-fire potions.  24 Red Dragonhides and 24 Dragon Bones per trip, plus alching whatever drops are worthwhile.  (Got a Rune 2-hander last night.)

For healing, it's the Enhanced Excalibur, and Prayer Flashing with Ancient Curses.  Quick Prayers are set to Soul Split and Turmoil.  On a good trip, it takes almost no prayer at all.  On the worst trip so far, I had 190 Prayer points left.  A quick recharge at the POH, drop the swag off at the Grand Exchange, and ready to go again.

On the average, profits are near 200k per trip, and each trip usually runs around 20 minutes.  At +/- 600k per hour, I've made more money doing other stuff, but this is fun, easy, and keeps me going back and forth enough to stay interesting.  I suppose I could even work some 'flipping' on the GE in between, but haven't felt like it recently.

You say I'm wasting my time?  Could be making more, working more efficiently, doing higher-level things?  I say I'm having fun.  And making money.  Both goals of the moment.  When it becomes tiresome, I'll switch to something else.  Or, when it feels like I've recovered enough gold, it might be time to give the Fight Kiln a serious run.  I'm pretty eager to try the Fight Kiln, so maybe I'll rotate back and forth a bit.
And to my friend who offered helpful advice, commiseration when I've had a bad day, and has recently had one of the worst Runescape days in history...  Thanks for the help, the thoughts, and I hate that you had such a huge loss - Best of luck in recovering what you lost.

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