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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Runescape Elder Kiln Quest and Fight Kiln Minigame: Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentines Day.  Monique and I had planned a quiet evening, something a little 'special' to eat, otherwise nothing much.  For a married couple that Runescapes together, Tuesday is already a standing date night.  It's when the Penguins get refreshed, and we do our weekly penguin hunt together every Tuesday.

But for valentines this year, Runescape has gone all out.  Not only do we get penguins tonight, we get a brand new, master-level quest!  It gets even better- it's about the TzHaar, with a major graphics rework.  And better...  A new minigame, sequel to the Fight Caves.  Called the Fight Kiln, and it's absolutely guaranteed to kill me many times.  Even if I make it to the 2 Jads... yes, you read that right - 2 TzTok-Jads... even if I make it to the Jad twins, I don't expect to win until many deaths later.  After all, Jad alone is just barely manageable to me.  Having to face 2 at once is certainly going to be more than I can handle.  At least, until I learn new fighting techniques.

But I still want to try.  Not just because it's new content, or because of my love/hate history with Jad, but because I want the new cape.  Jagex bills it as the only cape in the history of Runescape with a +8 Strength bonus.  For that alone, I want it.  I'm also hoping it will look really awesome.  But even if it looks sorry, I still want it for the stats.  It's definitely a powerful improvement over the Fire Cape.  Check out this comparison:

Significant improvements accross the board, except for Prayer.  A little Prayer improvement would have been nice, but I'm not going to complain.  

Since Runescape is offering an early bird special (more exp rewards) for beating the quest within 2 weeks, and getting to at least level 30 in the Fight Kiln, I'll be trying early.  I want the bonus points.  There's 37 levels in the Kiln, with Twin Jads at level 36, just before the big boss.  I think I can get to level 30 without too much frustration.  I hope.

I'll be trying to get that cape for a long time, I'm sure.  But in the meantime, Monique and I have penguins... and a new quest.  Who could ask for a better Valentines Day??


Anonymous said...

Have you attempted the fight kiln yet? What is the gear and inv. that you'll take? I just attempted it and made it to wave 28 (dill fest) where i got destoryed. Annoyed me seeing as i had 20 sarabrew flasks left in my pack yak, but i suppose i just gotta try again. I gotta get more cash to pay for the attempts though so back to bandos for me.

Crewman6 said...

Not yet, hoping to give it a shop this weekend. You've made it farther than I expect to, Jad always gives me fits. I'll be using Bandos, Armady armor, and maybe Ahrim's. Fury, barrows gloves, soul wars cape. Haven't really decided on the rest, but for my first attempts, I'm just going in to melee until I die. I'm hoping that will give a good feel for it without having to spend a lot.
I'm like you, need to build up some more money before I invest too much into supplies.

I'd be aggravated too, if it killed me while I still had saras left!
Good luck, and let me know how it's working for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, finally got the cape on my 3rd try! Using polypore was definitely the best option. I'd suggest swapping ahrims w/ ganodermic to be honest. The new jad attacks aren't too hard to figure out, the most annoying thing is during the fight kiln the jad attacks will still slightly hit through your prayer.

Check out runescape wiki about all the waves, it's possible to trap jad every wave he's in there. Also figure out when's the best time to use the crystals. I'd definitely recommend using 2 of your 3 invinsibility crystals on wave 35, and all 3 consitutuion crystals on the final boss. gl mate!

Crewman6 said...

Congratulations! And thanks for the advice. You rule- I'm really sorry at combat, it takes me a lot of tries to start getting it right.
Ganodermic does sound good.

Not counting your equipment, how much did a run runthrough cost you in supplies?

Spent most of my money getting crafting up this weekend, but I did go into the Fight Kiln with nothing but melee gear and no food. Just curious. (Made it to level 5!)
I'll make a more serious try later, but for now I just wanted to see what it was like.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you take advantage of the combat triangle. (Mele > range, Range > mage, and mage > mele) But in total I would say through all three of my attempts it costed me approximately 1.5m ish. I mean, in total i used about 45 brew flasks. (The time i got my cape i had over 11 brew flasks left)

The time I got the cape it only costed me around 500k at most. (I don't count ovls because i have a life supply of them) I used broad bolts and polypore is dirt cheap to use. After you know the luring techniques it makes getting the cape much more feasible.

Crewman6 said...

The combat triangle trips me up a bit, but I'll get it. The cost estimates are phenomenally useful. They really give me a good idea of what to budget. Thanks for the help!!!