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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Runescape: They Ruined Baby TzRek-Jad!

I logged in today, took one look at my favorite pet, and all I could say was "Oh, No!"

Now that the TzHaar update has come and gone, I figured Baby Jad wasn't going to get an update.  And honestly, while I had been hoping for something cool, it really didn't bother me when they left him alone.
New Baby Jad

But today, I logged in while sitting down to lunch, and my heart just sank.  Now he's got this stupid lavender armor, and lost a lot of the really cool crackled lava look.  His skin is smoother, and a lighter red. 

I want to stand under the moon and howl "Ruined!!"...

Monique was teasing me, and said I should get rid of him.  With great dignity, I told her you don't kick a loved one out just because they've lost their looks.
Old Baby Jad

So, yeah, he's still Baby Jad.  He's still mine.  I'm still proud of him.  Took a lot of work and time to get.  But I wish they hadn't done it.

Given Jagex's history, I'm sure they won't roll him back.  All I can hope is they'll take another crack at it, and do a better job.  Small hope, but it's what I've got.  I don't usually complain about Runescape.  Most of the time I really enjoy it.  Just needed a short rant.

Thanks.  I'm better now.  Baby Jad and me are gonna go play.


Anonymous said...

Hey mate. Sorry to hear about your baby jad changes. I also had a terrible day on rs. Actually, the worst on record.

I went to the dominion tower to check out the new update. With my trust rapier (my one and only chaotic) in hand i went to attack flameboy, the boss from rfd which requires ice gloves. At this time i wasn't aware i needed them, nor that it would unwield my weapon. So i attacked it, it disarmed my chaotic rapier. Since my inventory was full i had figured it went to my bank like it's suppose to do. So i finish the fight punching him, check the ground to see if my rapier is there then head down. When i went to check my bank, nope no rapier their. I checked everything possible. Turns out i lost my rapier due to a glitch and their is no way i can get it back. So hope your scapin' days are better!

Crewman6 said...

Wow; You're right. That has to be the worst Runescape day I could possibly imagine. That's just depressing. Especially since you can't just go buy a replacement at the drop of a hat.

Truly sorry to hear about that.

Host Hectix said...

I try so hard to get my girlfriend to play Runescape with me, but she won't. :( And 2 days ago I lost my whole bank going to nex. So I guess its time to skill it back. :)

Crewman6 said...

Got to admit, having a wife that plays Runescape just as much as I do is amazing!

But I'm sorry like heck to hear you lost your bank. That's always depressing. Hope you rebuild it quickly!