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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Runescape: City to City direct - New Teleport Lodestones

Today was a big day for me.  I've been looking forward to the new teleport network.  Hoping for something like the Fairy Ring network, where we can step on at one place and go to any other fairy ring.  This turned out even better.  The teleport lodestones are located in an odd mixture of places, some extremely useful, some less so.  But the really cool part is the unlimited uses.  Even though it's the basic 'Home' teleport just jazzed up, you can now teleport from nearly anywhere, to any of the new locations.

Same old rules apply.  No teleporting away from high-level wilderness.  It's a slow spell, and can be interrupted by an attack.  But now, when you use the home teleport, there's a small map, with icons representing all the new locations.  It's going to take a while to get used to all the new options.  I especially like the Catherby lodestone, it's never convenient to get to on the normal spellbook.

The Lunar lodestone is another awesome one.  It's just a few steps from the bank.  Now getting my daily battlestaves from Baba Yaga will be much easier.  It's won't be so dependent on saving a teleport on the Wicked Hood any more.  In turn, that means I can use the Wicked Hood twice over to make Bloods, for best experience, and a good selling rune.  Up til now, my daily Wicked Hood use has been Astrals, run to Baba Yaga, bank, Bloods, Camelot for free flax, Arhein for 80 Seaweed, bank, charter a boat to Oo'glog, get Red Sandstone, make glass, bank.

I don't make flasks with the sandstone right now; with Bonus Exp weekend coming up, I'm saving the glass up to make all my flasks for extra experience. 

Now that there's unlimited teleports to Lunar (and numerous other locations) the Wicked Hood teleports can be dedicated just for Runecrafting.  Or maybe penguin hunting.

Another cool aspect is the nearness of banks.  Now banks are just a home teleport away.  The days of teleporting to Edgeville or Varrock for quick banking may be drawing to a close.  The Grand Exchange will probably always be a major nexus, but less so for every drop-off. 

It will take a while for all the ramifications to filter down.  I'll be watching the Wiki and Forums.  Going to be interesting to see the clever and creative ways people put these new teleports to use!

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