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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Runescape: Still in the Sinkholes

Still not spending a lot of time just playing Runescape.  But I do my money run, POP missions, and some dungeoneering each day.  Thank goodness for Sinkholes- it only takes a few minutes and the reward is significant. 

That said, the Sinkholes do reinforce why I don't like to play team games.  I wrote recently about someone accusing me of not "losing with honor" at the end of a Sinkhole when I used a card to my advantage.  Not everybody agreed with her, but it came as a surprise to me that she felt that way.  All of the rewards are useful, and none of them are 'losing'.  But what really surprised me was just the attitude.  We play the entire game for the best advantage we can negotiate.  If someone swaps my huge lamp for a small lamp, well, that's part of the game.  And I STILL have the small lamp.  Or tokens.  That said, I'm going to play for the best advantage I possibly can.

Last night, it happened again.  I finished as player number three.  Player 5 had a small lamp, and played Meerkats so he had a small and a medium lamp.  Player 4 went, and took player 5's lamps.  Player 5 didn't complain... it's just how the game is played.  Then I went, and took player 4's lamps that he had just taken from player 5.  Even though he had just stolen them from player 5, player 4 thought that was unfair and called me a jerk. 

The next two players liked what they had, so the game ended with me getting the lamps I'd taken.  Just an ordinary game, you win some and lose some.  But why the attitude?  If one person takes another's reward, and then someone else takes it from that person...  Pot?  Kettle?  C'mon, lighten up!

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