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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Runescape: Honor in the Sinkhole

Tokens this time- I like Lamps better, but Tokens are fine.
Normally, I solo on Runescape; no team games.  My only companion is my wife, Monique.  So the issue of playing... or losing 'with honor' hasn't really come up that much.  Sinkholes are an exception to the rule, because Dungeoneering is my final skill to level.  (At least, until Divination comes out later this year!)

Typically, you youngsters have an advantage over me.  You're faster, you play better, and you must have 4 hands, because you can play and type all at the same time!  I can type pretty fast, but if I'm typing, I'm not playing.  And vice versa.

This is very noticeable in the Sinkholes.  I'm used to finishing as player 4 or 5 out of the five of us playing.  That's okay.  It's only a game, and for a very short mini-game the reward is always good, even if it's just tokens.

That doesn't mean I don't play for the best advantage I can.  Which is what prompted today's post.  I had come in at number 5.  Vulnerable to pretty much anybody with the right card.  I had no Yak, no Iron Titan, yet my chest had a large lamp.

Player number four had tokens, so it's very likely he was going to take my lamp if he could.  The best card I could play was a Beguiling Smoke Devil, and hope it would stir things in my favor.  It gave me a medium lamp, which was fine.  Unfortunately for player number one, it also took her HUGE lamp away and gave it to player number four.

For me, that was 'problem solved'.  I had a lamp I liked, and the guy next to me was very unlikely to take it away from me.  But player number one said a few words that started with the letter 'F', and most of them were censored.

Then she accused me of being dishonorable.  Her specific sentence was "You can't lose with honor".

Kind of surprised me.  As far as I was concerned, none of the rewards are "losing".  And even if they were, playing cards I've received during the sinkhole constitutes strategy.  That's how the game is designed, and what makes it so random.

Apparently, two other players agree about strategizing, because they defended me.

However, the next card played was a Reversing Phoenix.  It put everything back the way it started.  Player 1 was happy to have her huge lamp back, but still mad at me.  I was happy, because I'd gone back to having a large lamp.

I guess player four wanted those tokens more than the huge lamp.  Which just reinforces my point... there is no 'lose'.  It's all good.

I guess my question is, how do you play?  With honor?  Without? Would you use every strategic element possible to secure your best result?  Or would you passively accept a lesser result?  Do you consider it honorable or dishonorable to employ all your options?
 The answers aren't likely to change my stand, but it did make me curious how other players see things.

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