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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Runescape: The God Emissaries Are Here

Today saw the God Emissaries released into the world of Geilinor.  Runescape will never be the same.  Guthix is gone, the edicts are broken, and the gods have returned.

I've been looking forward to this update.  So many updates are for a specific group of players.  Skillers.  Combat.  High-levels.  Beginners.  Mid-levels.  That's all fine, and all of us need updates for our special favorite way to play.  But the God Emissaries are an update for all of us.

You can pick which Runescape god to follow.  Or even none, if you think they ought to keep their business off our world.  This looks fun.  Eight different representatives, all pleading their case.  Hoping you'll follow their chosen god.  Or in the case of the godless, hoping you'll join them in shooing the gods away from Runescape.

After The World Wakes, I was pretty unimpressed with most of the gods. Guthix had it right when he booted them ALL out and locked the door.

Zaros is the god of fate and control.  I could almost pick him, except that his teachings tend to bring out the nutcases and fruitcakes.  It seems like the worst villains always align with Zaros.

Zamorak is the god of chaos, and I have much the same issues with him as I do with Zaros.  He's not specifically evil, but much evil is done in his name.

Sliske is like Thor's half-brother Loki.  He's the trickster of gods.  As a matter of fact, nobody, not even the gods, seems very sure whether Sliske IS a god.  As far as Runescape gods are defined, my opinion is that they are very powerful other-dimensional beings.  They just SEEM godlike to the ordinary peoples and creatures of Geilinor.
Seren is the goddess of the elves, and one of the few that I completely like.  She seems to represent the best of the gods.  I could choose her.
Then there's Saradomin.  I used to think he was the best of the 3 big guns.  Turns out, he's not so nice.  Historically, he's one of the most destructive gods.  During "The World Wakes", I learned his idea of "good" isn't necessarily what's best for the world.  Rather, Saradomin will make the world fit his concept of good, no matter who it hurts.  Or how badly.  He's no longer my favorite.

Bandos?  Not my cup of tea.  Big High War God to the Goblin race.  Other people know him as "That big rude jerk that goes on killing sprees."  He values power over intelligence, and prefers followers that can fight, preferably without actually thinking for themselves.  I wouldn't follow him if I was in a volcano and he was showing the way out.

Armadyl is interesting.  Having met him during "World Wakes" I liked him.  He seemed to be an honorable being, and not prone to brainless killing.  Also not a control freak.  However, his Wiki page states that he and Saradomin are very much alike.  The main difference is one of degree.  I had thought he might be worth following.  After learning how much alike Armadyl and Saradomin are, I think not.
The Godless might be the crew for me.  Their goal is to keep Geilinor free of all the petty gods and their squabbles.  They want to protect our world, and the innocent.  They share much with Guthix, and many of Guthix' followers have joined the Godless.  It doesn't mean they're exactly the same, but that they share similar goals.

After looking over all the options, I'm most tempted to go with Seren or the Godless.  I know we can change our alliance at any time with no prejudice.  But I hate the idea of shuffling loyalties just for convenience.  After all, what's the point of having a wishy-washy follower?  Take a stand.  Be strong.

All of them offer tasks and rewards.  The same tasks, actually.  Even if you shift who you support, you'll just continue with the same tasks, and at the same level of progress.  The rewards offer a variety of experience points.  Nothing spectacular, but still useful if you're leveling up.

Overall the update is very positive.  Story-driven, and of interest to any level player.  Even if you're too high to benefit from the rewards, it's still nice to have something different to do.  And the choices I make can help shape Geilinor... and Runescape... for years to come.  Maybe centuries.

I like that.

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