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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Runescape: Finally Finished the Doggone Death Lotus Hood!

Making some Tetsu Armour
I knew it would happen eventually.  But wow... it took well over half a year to finish all three sets of Superior Armor.

When Player Owned Ports first started in early December 2012, Runescape promised us high-level content.  It was quickly apparent Jagex delivered on their promise.  POP is one of my favorite parts of Runescape.  Upon release, I started sending ships out as fast and often as possible.  Not being the best strategist, many people progressed faster.  But being persistent and consistent, I still made good progress.  Got "Admiral" maybe three or four weeks after the leaders of the pack first hit that level.  Definitely not the fastest or best player out there.

That's okay.  It was fun getting there.  Over time, the supply levels went up, the port got upgraded, and the Trade Goods piled up.  The missions grew more difficult, and the rewards better.  Finished the Superior Tetsu Armor set first, followed by Sea Singer's Robes.  Made the Death Lotus Chestplate and Chaps in reasonable time.

... But that Hood...  Nearly two months ago, I needed 11 pieces of Lacquer.  Thought, "No problem, might take two weeks at the outside."

Got 'em all!
Have you ever really really guessed wrong on something?  Well, it took up until today to get the last 5 pieces -- two months.  Went home for lunch, logged in to Runescape, and collected the final pieces of Lacquer.  I'll admit to having some nerves while logging in.  Sent the mission out with 96% chance of success, but if there's any point in time when  4% chance of failure would bite me... this would be the time.

Lucky for me, it came back successful.  Couldn't wait to make that last piece of Death Lotus Armour!   After all that time and effort, it's nice to have it all.  Now I'm helping Monique work on hers.  With luck, in another 6 months, she'll be parading around in her own set of Superior Armour.   :^)

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