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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Runescape: EOC tweaked again- Made some things harder, some easier

Yesterday in among the big releases... like the Instanced God Wars... there was another EOC update.  Yep.  Jagex is still trying to get the hang of Evolution of Combat.  I applaud their enthusiasm and persistence.  But by now, it's beginning to grow old.  Someone on the forums posted something about it that really hit the nail on the head.  Not quoting, because I don't remember where I found it, but here it is in essence:  How can we learn how to fight something when the rules keep changing?

In principle, the most recent update is a good idea.  It's supposed to make being high-level actually count for something.  I like that.  If you spend all that time building up your levels, there ought to be a direct benefit to it. 

They also tinkered with the armor system.  More armor classes now- Tank, Offensive, and Hybrid.  Again, good in concept.  Execution seems to be more than just a small amount off, though.  At least, in my limited experience from yesterday's Zarosian Demons.  Monique and I like to duo the demons when we get the chance.  We're nearly always in world 96.  It's our favorite world because of the 'no talking'.  Until last night, when the demons got announced, we'd go kill them.  It's not fast, but we've never been killed and it's a fun diversion we like to do together.  And there's almost never anybody else there with us.

Last night, demons showed up, we donned our gear, and went out to make war.  Only, the demons had been so ramped up we couldn't kill the main one.  Heck, we nearly couldn't lay any damage on it.  I tried first with my newly made Superior Death Lotus armor and a Zaryte Bow.  Managed to hit fairly often, but he was doing serious damage back at me.  Every time he hit, I was having to eat one or two Rocktails.  Per hit! 

Monique, on the other hand, was wearing standard melee armor, and swinging dual chaotic rapiers.  And barely doing any damage.  I lost patience with taking so much damage.  Banked, switched to full Superior Tetsu and Sara Godsword.  That was worse!  Yeah, I was tanking him better.  But couldn't hit him. 

Obviously, this update royally screwed up our private Demon hunting.  I'm not happy about that.  But I'd be okay with it... if they left it alone now.  Let me learn how to deal with the new requirements, adapt, get used to it.  Don't keep changing the rules.

EOC is a work in progress, granted.  But I'm beginning to lose interest in the game because nothing is reliable any more.  At least I'm a cautious player.  Some players went into the new instanced dungeons expecting a normal fight, and had to run for their lives. 

I want to play.  Would sure like to have fun.  Still waiting for EOC to be FINISHED. 

Okay, enough pity party.  Not quitting Runescape.  Did the Troll-of-the-month fight, and mowed them down.  Obviously the EOC adjustments worked in my favor there. 

Mostly, I'm working on getting my Dungeoneering levels up.  Matter of fact, just a moment ago finished a couple of sinkholes and a dungeon.  Only need 2 million more exp to get level 108 Dungeoneering. 

I'm almost there!

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