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Friday, March 22, 2013

Runescape: Some Dungeoneering, Some POP

I'm still enjoying the Max Cape.  The stats are good.  I can see why it's considered the second best cape in Runescape.  Still, it would have been nice if it was overall just a smidgen better.  It's only a little bit better than a normal 99 cape.  For the work involved, there should be a slightly better reward.

But that's a minor thing.  It's still better... and you can adjust the colors in a huge range.  So not only is it functional, it looks awesome.

Next up... Completionist Cape... NOT!!!  To be honest, I don't see how people manage it.  First, there's just an intense time requirement.  Like a full-time job.  Second, every time Jagex adds new content, you have to re-earn the cape again.  It's worse than the Quest cape!  And finally, not only is time a gigantic factor, but so is an above-average level of in-game skills.  I may never get the best of the Fight Crucible.  And I can count how many Castle Wars games I've played on the fingers of one hand.

Aside from this recent effort to complete my 99's, Runescape has always been about the fun.  Getting the Completionist Cape doesn't sound fun.  Well, getting it would be fun.  But doing the work to get it and keep it, not so much.
Still enjoying Player Owned Ports.  Really want that Admiral rank, but I'm 22 points away, and the ships are fully upgraded, along with the port buildings.  The only means of advancement left to me is getting scrolls.  This means at 22 points, it'll take a minimum of 8 days... assuming it actually assigns a scroll mission every day and that I succeed at every one.  Not likely.  Just have to be patient.

Working toward Dungeoneering 120.  It's currently at 102, and Monique's is 92.  We both try to do our two Sinkholes daily.  And as long as the Guthixian Butterflies are granting exp, we're grabbing all twenty each day.

I have one other resource that speeds things up.  Since all the other skills are finished, the daily tasks only assign Dungeoneering challenges.  So I do one fast level, and get something like 118,000 bonus exp points.  That means for about 15 minutes of time, the game gives me over 200k DG exp per day.  Even if I don't do anything else, that's decent progress.

Other than that, it's whatever sounds good.  Monique and I are currently enjoying the hourly demon attacks, when they're NOT in the wilderness.  You know how it is... the couple that slays together, stays together!   :^)

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