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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Runescape: Mask of the Abyss, Helm of Warping

Jagex added the Mask of the Abyss (along with a number of other slayer-related masks) to the Squeal of Fortune this weekend.  I've been busy with Dungeoneering, POP, and the usual Runescape daily junk but when the Squeal of Fortune gave me one, I took a time out.  Monique and I both got two different masks this weekend (three total- Abyssals, Crawling Hands, and Basilisks.)
Looks kind of like a face-hugger
The only one that caught my fancy was the Mask of the Abyss.  We've played Runescape long enough to remember the Abyssal Whip as the best weapon in the game.  I can still remember buying my first one.  Getting high enough slayer to kill my own Abyssals was a high point in my RS history.

Even though the value of whips has tanked, and many weapons outpower it now, those are some fond memories.  Made the mask worth investigating.
Doing the Abyssal Dance
Turns out, it takes 900 Abyssal demon kills to upgrade from "Mask of the Abyss" to the "Helm of Warping".  There's no new benefit to this.  As a matter of fact, the mask starts out with some bonuses that it loses once upgraded.

The mask will:
Guarantee one Abyssal Demon Slayer assignment per day.
Teleport you to the Abyssals twice per day.
Gives same damage boost as a Slayer Helm, as long as Abyssals are your assignment.
Give 85 extra exp per Abyssal kill.
Double Drops every 10 kills.
Double your chance of getting an Abyssal Demon trophy head drop.
Keeps count of your abyssal kills, even past 900 (up to 999,999)
Check kills, and if less than 900, how many yet to go.
Act as a Face Mask.

The Helm of Warping keeps most of that, but loses the extra experience and the double drops.  It gains the ability to swap looks between the two, but only for cosmetic effect.

But best of all, and something I found almost by accident, was the "Transform" emote.  It lets me turn into an Abyssal Demon, teleport around a bit, then turns me human again.  Much like the crab dancing emote, when it ends, my character is crouched down, and slowly stands up like he's embarrassed. 

It's a pretty cool mask, and I like it... except for the close-up view once it's become the Helm of Warping.  Don't know what they were thinking over at Jagex, but it looks like they stuck a clown nose on it!

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