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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Runescape: Farming and POP Status Report

Runescape is still bringing new content at a fast and furious rate.  This is great... but it's bad.  Great, for all the obvious reasons.  New stuff, more fun, things to try and do.  Bad, because I'm trying to focus on 2 specific goals, and can't keep up with all the new stuff.  So I'm picking and choosing.  The World Wakes?  That was on the Must-Do list.  It was fun, emotional, and rewarding.  One of the greatest quests Jagex ever created.  The new Desert Achievement Challenges?   Did everything but the Elite levels- my Dominion Tower needs a lot of work.  Goodbye Taskmaster emote.  :^(

One of my favorite recent (sort of) additions is POP - Player Owned Ports.  Fun all on it's own, plus offers some great rewards.  I'm maybe three weeks behind the top players.  Not quite to Admiral yet, but close.  Can make full Tetsu armor, and even managed to sell a helmet when it was still 25 million.  Can nearly make full Sea Singers Robes, and next will start getting scrolls for Death Lotus armor.  Got Rocktail Soup done, but none of the Scrimshaws yet.

I have a feeling my scrolls are relatively behind the curve, but that's okay.  It's been fun to play, and that's why I've done it.  That, and because of the cool armor!  Been in the Pincers for a while now, and have my end-game crew.  For the curious, my crew is:  5 Morale, Combat, and Seafaring specialists, 3 Judge of Dice, 3 Jade Merchants, and 4 Ox. I'd rather have an extra Ox than another merchant.  My crew isn't always good enough to send a Merchant along.

My captains are all 10k, but 3 are combat, and 2 are seafaring.  Still waiting for morale captains.  Eventually they should be 2 seafaring, 2 morale, and 1 combat.  Ship upgrades are maxed.  I've had 2 lifeboats, but somehow I'm down to one now.  Jagex keeps changing the rules.  Working on the last port building upgrades at the moment.

POP has a lot of staying power.  When Jagex promised it would be content for high-level players, they really brought it to the table.  Been out three months (Since 11 December 2012), and I'm still enjoying it.  Still have a lot left to do, but working toward the endgame.  After that, it'll just be maintenance runs each day to get resources.  And to build supplies against the day Runescape updates POP with new content.  :^)

The other thing keeping me busy:  getting the Max Cape.  The Completionists Cape isn't even a possibility (where DO people find the time?), but the Max Cape... I can do that.  Very close, actually.  Just got 98 Farming last night, and when it gets to 99, that will be the final 99. (Dungeoneering still needs leveling, but it's higher than 99.)

Once the Max Cape is done, it's back to playing for fun.  Future goals might include finishing the Desert Achievement Diaries Elite tasks.  Or doing the Fight Crucible and Fight Kiln.  Maybe even re-visiting Jad, though with the Fire Cape nerfed, it hardly feels worth it any more.

Oh, and finishing Dungeoneering.  It's currently 101, there's still 19 levels left to get.  Then there's the 2 new skills Jagex promised for 2013.  We're already into mid-March, that's a quarter of the year gone.  That's exciting, but I can't help thinking about my hi-score status.  Every time a new skill comes out, my hi-score drops until I can level back up.  Plus I'll lose the Max Cape until both of those are leveled again.  Let's hope these will be fun (and useful) skills.

But that's all fine.  The big thing right now, is POP and Max Cape.  Once I get those, I'm just going to enjoy the game. 

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