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Monday, March 4, 2013

Runescape: Hunting Done, Next up Farming

Over the weekend, I finally finished Hunting.  Got the 99, about a week after Monique had already done so.  Now we're both done with Hunting.  As I was beginning to write this, she just hit 92 Agility, so I guess that's her next big goal.  She's also been scoring big in the new Dungeoneering D & D, Sinkholes.  She was going to town a few nights ago on the Demon Invasion boss.  With her Vine Whip and brand new off-hand Chaotic Longsword.  Looking pretty cool with the new moves.

Not so much fun for me.  My last 99 to get is Farming, which was Monique's first 99.  I'm currently at 94, and hate Farming...  :^(

Okay, so 'hate' is too strong a word.  But it's super-boring, and the only reason it's on my to-do list is to get the Max Cape.  5 more levels.  Farming is complex, and time-consuming, and based on the passage of real-world time.  You can't just run around and... do... Farming.  You have to wait for things to grow.  Yes, there's Livid Farm.  And in between crop runs and POP management, that's what I'm doing.  But it's not very fast experience, and not very exciting.

Then there's the daily challenges.  It gives me Farming challenges every day (since that's my last 99 to get, and I turned off all the others), which sounds cool.  Until you do them.  What the heck is up with that?  All the other skills grant lots of exp.  The last few gave me from 20k (mining) to 43k (hunting jadinkos) for accomplishing the challenge.  And well over 100k for doing a Dungeoneering challenge.  So what do you get for a Farming challenge?  About 4k experience!  Seriously, Jagex?  4k?  Admitted, it's a simple challenge.  But you'd think they'd build a better challenge that allowed for better rewards.

There are a few things that help.  First, the Jack of Trades Aura.  That thing is massively cool.  In about a minute every evening, it earns me an exp lamp.  The lamp (at my farming level) gives me around 9k exp.  Fast, free, easy exp.  Every day.  I'll take it.

Secondly, the Squeal of Fortune pendants and lamps.  Not so much the lamps, don't see too many of those.  But the Prismatic Pendants come along now and then, and I've been saving them for Farming.  Used a few already, and the recharges you can get for them.  Still have 3 or 4 left.

Third, Juna.  With the recent rework, Juna is very worthwhile to visit once a week.  Just a few minutes ago, she gave me 51k exp in Farming.  Of course, the weekly Penguin hunt and the monthly Troll battle all go toward Farming as well.  How do you think I got to 94?  Well, okay, I worked for it off and on over the last 8 years.  When a new quest would require higher farming, I'd frantically work to raise my levels.  But still, all those bonuses are very nice.

Some Runescape skills are incredibly boring.  Agility comes to mind.  But Farming has got to be the worst of the bunch.  With only 5 (!) levels to go, I'm going to go full bore at it.  No Runescape unless it improves farming.  Man, I hope this doesn't take too long!!

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