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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Runescape: Farming 99 for the Max Cape

Got that last 99.  Finished Farming just a short while ago.  Needed 620 exp, and a Spirit Tree has just matured.  Kind of overkill, but it was a fun way to finish Farming, and earn the Max Cape.  Kind of going out with a flourish. 
You could say this accomplishment was a long time coming.  Somewhere around 8 years.  Sounds cool, but it's not the entire truth.  Many of the skills seemed boring, and I avoided them except as needed for required levels in quests and achievements.  Then EOC Beta came out, and kind of put combat in an odd limbo.  After all, why bother learning how to beat the Crucible, or the Queen Black Dragon, for instance, when anything I learn will be thrown out the door once EOC arrived?

Without combat to hold my attention, it became easier to work on the other skills.  Years ago, in an interview with Zezima (which I read on Tip-It), he gave some advice that I've always remembered:  Stay focused.  Sounds obvious, but it needs to be remembered.  Every time you stop doing one thing and do another, odds are good you have to change gear.  Figure out what to wear, food to take, teleports, weapons... Or even from one skill to another.  To go from Farming to Mining requires totally different equipment and inventory.  All that is time lost.  Time spent NOT skilling.  I'm not nearly as focused as Zezima was in his day.  But I do pretty good.  Aside from the weekly penguin hunt, and checking out any major new content (like quests), my vision stays on the goal. 

Today, that paid off.  Farming was Monique's first 99.  It's my last 99.  (Until Jagex releases the two new skills they've promised.)  I always said Farming would be my last 99, because it has no appeal to me.  But it's over now.  Next I need to replace the money Farming cost.  It was at 94 when I got serious about training it, and to get from 94 to 99 took about 36 million gold.  That's a sizable chunk of bank.  Other than that, Dungeoneering sounds like a fun thing to work on now.  Need to get from 101 to 120.

Finding the Master Gardener to sell me a cape was easy.  He's in Draynor over by the pig pen.  Finding Max was a bit tougher.  I used to see him making pottery behind the Varrock West bank, so I just hunted in that general area until finding him at the bank.  Tried to talk to him, but he was running(!) to the pottery wheel and wouldn't stop to talk.  When we finally got there, he apologized, but said he couldn't lose time from his skilling. 

Have to respect that attitude.  Then he sold me a Max Cape, for nearly two and a half million gold.  It was worth it.  The emote is pretty cool too!  (Not my vid below, but it shows some good views of the emote.)


Sam said...

Amazing job on this.

Crewman6 said...

Thanks Sam! I'm glad it's over... at least, until the new skills come out! :^)