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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Runescape Post-EOC Boss Overbuff renounced!

Captain of my own fate... thank goodness there's POP while they're still fixing EOC!
Runescape Post-EOC Boss Overbuff renounced!
Kind of funny; after several days of hearing gripes and complaints on the forums, I threw my two cents into the end of a post yesterday.  From what I was hearing, the problems were legitimate.  Not just someone whining, but players actually analyzing, testing, and trying multiple approaches to verify others claims.  I can really appreciate that.  Certain monsters were simply overpowered after the changes. Plus the changes in equipment make it sound like you must have absolute top-flight armor to take on higher level monsters.
Frost Dragons pre-EOC

Today, the very day after posting my thoughts on the issue, Mod Mark posted a new Og Blog.  It's nice to see they do listen, and I'm certain the response was due in great part to the logical and rational commenters on the forums.  Now they're rebalancing a few of the over-buffed monsters.

Mod Mark addressed the recent EOC Boss monster buffs.  According to him, most are working as planned, and will not be changed.  But some were over-buffed, and running rampant.  Either far harder to kill than they should have been, or effectively unkillable.

They made adjustments specifically to:
Frost Dragons
Ganodermic beasts + Runts
Glacors and Glacytes
Mithril Dragons

One monster brought up in multiple complaints was Waterfiends.  This one was not addressed in today's changes.  I guess that means Jagex thought it was within their expectations.  I do understand the need for adjustments.  On the other hand, I can understand the entire community getting tired of constant major changes.  How in the world can you find... or write... a good guide to anything, if the rules will be different tomorrow... and the day after... and the week after?

One suggestion in the forums impressed me.  I wish I had noted who said it, or where I read it, because it's an excellent idea.  They suggested Jagex include a 'recommended weapon/armor level' for each monster.  Don't just say something like "weak to water based magic".  Give us some idea of the gear required.  Is my equipment good enough?  Is it too low?  Do I have a reasonable chance of having or obtaining effective items?

Jagex has indicated they want monsters to have a 'target combat level' player/opponent.  That's fine, but let us know.  Is the monster a good one for me to train at my level?  Is it a waste of time?  Is it too hard?  Too easy?  Will I have to buy better gear?  How about if I'm maxed combat, but can't afford Torva, Pernix, and Vertus?  Can I still be effective with the next lower tier of gear?

I can appreciate Jagex' desire to target player levels and monsters.  It gives all levels of player something of interest to fight.  But it would be nice if they gave us a clue.  Some effort needs to be made toward teaching us the new rules.  The Combat Academy is a step in the right direction, but it's for beginners.  There needs to be functional guides for high-level monsters.  Jagex, if you're going to severely restrict how and at what level we can fight monsters, at least let us know what the restrictions are.
Combat Academy
 In the meantime, until the dust settles, I'm getting a ton of skilling done!

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