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Friday, January 25, 2013

Runescape Medium Desert Tasks

Slowly but surely, we're working through the Desert Tasks.  Last night Monique and I did the medium tasks.  If you've already got the requirements, then actually doing them is a breeze.  Some of it brought back good memories.  Flying with the Eagles, as always, made me chuckle.  Since I just recently watched "The Hobbit" in the theater, it also put me in mind of Tolkiens' giant eagles.

Crossing the river was interesting.  Haven't used that shortcut in a couple of years.  Mainly because it turned out to be fairly useless.  There was actually a note and a pile of noted timber waiting there for me.  It's a shame the route is wasted, because the cg there is pretty cool to watch.

Doing Ali Morrisane's sudoku challenge was tough, only because it took a while to figure out how to trigger the challenge.  After teleporting to Varrock, talking with Aubury, and fiddling around a while, we finally got the option.  Solving the puzzle was a lot easier than actually getting offered the puzzle!

Praying in Nardah, taking the fairy ring to the Kalphite lair (code BIQ), mining granite, cutting teak, Amascut's altar, were all a snap.  Doing the Combat Potion at Nardah was easy, but persnickety.  You had to do ALL of it right there, or it didn't count.  You can kill the goat just outside the town, but everything else, including grinding the horn, has to be done inside the perimeter.  Even the agility pyramid was simple.
  The only one that slowed us down was creating a Kalphite pouch in the desert.  Not that either of us couldn't do it, but Monique had just trained Summoning, and had no Blue Charms left.  For quick Blues, she went and killed Bork.  He always drops 4 Blue Charms when you kill him.  (Plus his other drops.)  After the side trip to Bork, we finished off the Medium tasks.

The experience lamp was better.  Equivalent to a small exp lamp from the Squeal of Fortune, or my daily Jack of Trades reward lamp.  8k experience in whatever skill you pick.

The Desert Amulet 2 has the one reward I really wanted: Unlimited teleports to Nardah.  That's going to be useful for our weekly penguin hunts.  Other than that, it gives better success at the Agility Pyramid, a chance for goats to drop noted Desert Goat Horns, and 20 Noted Potato Cactus daily from the weird old man (by the Kalphite Lair entrance).  Also, you can make 50 Molten Glass a day, but you have to have the Soda Ash first.  There's a 2nd Teak tree east of Uzer.  and you get a 5% discount on Pizazz points.
 Some of that might be useful.  But what I hear is Desert Amulet 2... blah blah blah... unlimited teleports to Nardah... blah blah blah..

I got what I wanted from it.  Coming next:  The Hard Tasks.  See you in the Kharidian Desert!

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