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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Runescape: Fletching Done, Hunter Next

99 Fletching at the Player Owned Ports Bank
Last time I posted an update, Fletching was still my current goal.  It's been a while since then.  During that time, I finished Fletching.  Got the 99 primarily due to Unfinished Broad Bolts.  They were kind of a pain, but decent exp and a fair profit.  Those previous 99's had sapped my bank, the Broad Bolts gave it a chance to rebuild.  Then, because I was really getting bored constantly clicking to fletch the bolts, I spent the last level or so making Magic Shieldbows.  And doing my challenges.

Quick word about the daily challenges;  once you have less than 5 skills to 99, the Daily Challenge is your best friend.  (For most skills, anyway.)  I just let them pile up for the skills I'm not interested in.  That way, every day I get only the challenge I want.  Well... the actual challenge may not be what I want, but the particular skill is my choice.  Do that skill each day, and the next day it gives another challenge in my chosen skill.

Side note to the quick word...  Farming.  Not sure if any other daily challenges are as sorry as Farming.  But Farming challenges are a major fail.  Plant a seed.  Get nearly 4k of bonus exp.  What?  All other daily challenges give me as little as 20k bonus (mining) to 115k bonus (dungeoneering).  To some extent, they're tied to your level, but my Farming level is 92.  It should be worth more than 4k bonus exp.

No big deal.  I do the Jack of Trades Aura every day.  For a minute or two's effort, I get almost 9k exp applied on Farming.  For a skill I'm not currently working on, 9k a day is a decent boost, and better than the Farming Challenges.

Once Fletching was done, Hunting was next.  My Hunter skill was 80.  I know, embarrassing, right?  When most of my other skills are 99?  Just never got around to it.  The nice thing, is Juna will give me nearly 50k a week experience in Hunter now that they've updated Tears of Guthix.  And once Hunter surpasses that 92 Farming, Juna will start rewarding my Farming skill.  It's good either way.

Not very fond of Hunting.  Tried Carnivorous Chinchompas.  So-so.  Tried hunting butterflies.  That was better.  But seemed kind of slow.  At level 80, I'm sure it's not the best exp available.

Then I found a guide to Herblore Habitat that was unlike any other HH guide I've seen.  It provided step by step instructions, with a list of items needed at each point.  It explained how to capture all the required jadinkos for the weekly bonus exp and clothing items.  Then it explains clearly how to catch the 3 God Jadinkos in order to get the Voodoo Mask.  The Voodoo Mask provides infinite teleports directly to the Herblore Habitat area.

Yes, it was all a pain.  But now I have the Mask for easy access, and am set up to catch Igneous Jadinkos  at leisure.  It requires a Blue Vine Blossom, Lergberry Bush, Thermal Vent, and an Orange Tree.  You can buy and grow the orange tree, and the other requirements will be easy by the time you've attained your Voodoo Mask.

Also, yes, I considered Draconic Jadinkos.  But I got bored quickly with the whole idea of having to renew the juju potion on the flower ever 20 minutes.  Without that, the Draconic ones go away.  With Igneous, you set them up, and they'll forever be ready to hunt.  Slower experience, but simpler.  I can do that.  If boredom strikes... well, there's always Draconics.  Or butterflies.  Or Chinchompas.

It's going to be a long way to 99.

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