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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Runescape Kharidian Desert Tasks (Easy)

 Yesterday (Jan 21, 2013) the Desert Tasks came out.  I've been waiting for this one for a while, half with anticipation, and half with trepidation.  Because of the rewards, and interesting content, and our levels, Monique and I can do just about all of them easily enough.  Except for the Dominion Tower.  The mid-level challenge is easy enough, and I'm all set for it.  But the Elite Dominion Tower challenge is far beyond my current 'finished' list.

As a matter of fact, because it's going to take so long, I'm not even going to try for the Tower until finishing some other goals first.  After my last 2 99's are done, and the Dungeoneering 120, then maybe I'll consider getting that final Elite task.

The rest, though, are no problem.  So Monique and I will do them in the next couple of days.  As a matter of fact, we did the Easy Tasks last night.  It took maybe half an hour, wasn't really paying attention.  And we accidentally did some of the higher level tasks.  Like wearing our Water Tiara.  In preparing to go into the desert, we grabbed our Tiara equipped it... to discover that was one of the goals.

Before we could start, I had to wait on Monique to finish something with Mom.  So I logged in, and started up some of my daily stuff.  While heading to the Legends Guild, a Kingly Impling floated past me.  He requires 91 Hunter, which I don't have, but Monique does.

I started hollering for her, but she couldn't hear me.  Got him trapped in a small 'U' shape of trees, then ran up front and asked if she wanted him.  We both sprinted back to our computers, she logged in.  I got back just as he was flying through my blockade... so while she was teleporting over, I was chasing him.  When she finally caught up to him, the Kingly Impling yielded 6 cut Dragonstone Gems.  They're not super valuable like they used to be, but it was still work nearly 70k gold.

Monique gave the gems to me, and went back to what she was doing.  Mom, in the meantime, was patiently waiting.  The Kingly Impling gave a pretty good reward, but about a month ago, she got something that was worth over 1 million gold.  I don't remember what, something Dragon I think.  But because of that, it's always exciting to find one, and see what he gives up.

After, I was thinking what a cool household this is.  My wife dropped what she was doing IRL to run back and hunt an impling.  Mom knows enough to realize this had to be a spur of the moment thing, and waited with no complaints.  How many people live in a home where that could happen?   :^D

As far as the Easy Kharidian Desert Tasks, there's a Wiki Guide that helps you go through them in a convenient order.  Don't need it.  But it speeds things up.  The most fun one had to be re-doing the rooftop agility path from Diamond in the Rough.  Love the graphics.

One thing I liked about having to 'Spectate' a match at the Dominion Tower, you don't actually have to watch a match.  If you choose the option, but nobody is currently fighting, that counts as completing the task.  I was afraid I'd have to find a busier world.
And both of us Lol'd watching our characters shimmy with the Citharede Abbey dancers.

The easy rewards were... easy.  Nothing special yet.  Desert Amulet 1, which gives double drop loot from Sparkly Dung Kalphites, Double water from desert cactus, and 2% cheaper prices at the Pizzazz Guardian.  Plus a daily bag of Lost Items from any Rug Merchant.  This last might be worthwhile once getting the teleport to Nardah on the amulet.

Almost forgot, also a 2,000 exp Antique Lamp.  2k isn't exactly thrilling, but I'm not turning it down, either.  Aside from the Elite Dominion Tower Task, I'm looking forward to the rest of it.  Especially the next set (Medium) where we get unlimited Nardah teleports on the Desert Amulet.  I'm not too thrilled with the rest of the rewards.  There's some potential, but I'll just have to wait and see how they all  shake out.

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