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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Runescape: Hati and Skoll 2nd Ever Appearance

Apparently, it's that time of year again.  Time for the annual Hati and Skoll giant wolf Fremmenik event.  Since this time last year was the first time ever, I'm not certain this qualifies yet as an 'annual event'.  But I'm willing to extend benefit of the doubt.

Being nearly the exact same thing this year as last year, there's not much to say.  If you enjoyed it last year, you'll like it this year.  The rewards are the same, with the addition of an extra item or two.  Hati drops bones, the Hati head, Hati cloak, and Hati paws.  The head and paws are purely cosmetic.  The bones are just bones.  Bury them, ignore them, no real benefit to be had.  The paws double experience in the main combat skills.  The charge is good for a set amount of points in total, and cannot be recharged again for the duration of this year's event.  If you already had them from last year, killing Hati gives one full recharge.  So it's as if you received them as a fresh drop.  Once per year/season, I guess.

Skoll, Hati's brother, has a 60% chance of dropping Skoll Boots or Skoll Amulet.  The amulet is just cosmetic, but the boots, like the paws, give double experience while training.  For the boots, the skills are Woodcutting, and Agility.

All of the wolf drops (excluding bones) can be stored in the POH, or destroyed.  If destroyed, Diango will keep them for you.

The wolves are fun to kill.  Both have large amounts of hit points.  Hati did no damage to me, and Skoll did minimal damage.  Actually, I think it was his Fenrir wolves, but I wasn't watching them.

I've been hearing a lot about Runescape's recent Boss Buff (Mid-Jan 2013).  Currently, my time is divided between Player Owned Ports and Hunting, and real life has made it difficult to get much of either done this week.  But in fighting the wolves, I didn't see any signs of more difficult combat.  Sure, they had tons of hit points, but the damage the did was pretty minimal.  I was wearing mainly Bandos gear.

In the forums, I see lots of complaints for the Fight Cauldron Quest boss, for Steel Dragons, Glacors, and Waterfiends.  Maybe others, but mainly those.  But I've also seen rebuttals from players who claim they don't see a difference.  It probably has a lot to do with the targeted player level of the monster in question.  Things are supposed to be much more stratified now.  If you're not the right combat level, wearing appropriate-to-level equipment, it might be several orders of magnitude more difficult.

The one thing I know for a fact I won't like is the nerfing of Rejuvenation.  That was an awesome ultimate ability.  On the other hand, a five-minute delay timer will put it on par with the old Excalibur special.  But with a 5-minute delay timer, I'm not sure it'll rate a place on my action bar.  Guess time will tell.

I do wish Jagex would allow things to stabilize.  It's hard to find (or make) decent guides for anything.  What works this morning, might not work this evening.  It's all so random at the moment.  Good thing combat's not my main focus right now.  Maybe by the time I'm done skilling, they'll have it sorted out.

Change can be an improvement, but I'm beginning to miss the old days when the game I played last night is still the same game when I log in today.

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