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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Runescape's New Master Quest - Do No Evil

Well, I'm a bit behind the times.  Normally Monique and I try to do the quests about as soon as they come out.  But being December, our eBay sales and Hubpages require a lot of time.  Plus being a Master quest and rated as a "long" quest, it seemed best to plan our time appropriately.  So we held off till Friday after work, and took the entire evening off to play through Do No Evil.
I have to say, Do No Evil was a fun quest.  I really enjoyed it.  The puzzles were mildly challenging, but not game-stoppers.  The boss combats were fun, and again, mildly challenging, but never a threat.  Monique did have to stop in mid-fight with one of the bosses, but only because she was wearing the wrong equipment.  Once she picked more effective gear (specifically, she thought a Magic Shortbow would be sufficient, and of course, that means no shield.  When she got her Rune Crossbow and Dragonfire Shield, she had no problem.)  The sound effects during one fight in particular were very effective... kind of a persistent beat like a big kettle drum, made me feel like I was in a very dangerous situation.  Really added to the ambience.
 The puzzles were pretty good.  I enjoyed the banana puzzle, even though Monique beat it much faster than I did.  I tend to do better at combat, she excels in observation and puzzle-solving.  The Choc-Ice thing could have been worse, but if your spellcasting level is high enough, it's not really a problem.  There was one point that I needed to switch back to human on Ape Atoll, and nowhere safe in sight.  But if you walk into one of the little huts, and go up the ladder, you can change to human, cast your spell on the choc ice, and change back to ape, all with no interruptions from the overzealous guards. (pic below)
It beats being teleported to the prison and having to escape. 

I enjoyed building my own little ape outpost, and setting up the carpet ride.  Since Monique and I do the penguins every week, I think that will give us a great access point to help find the desert penguins. 
The story was an enjoyable one, and I really sympathized with Apmeken.  What happened to her was deliciously horrible, and I felt good about being able to restore her to her proper self. 
The rewards were nice;  I prefer high-level weapons or armor, like Korasi's Sword from "The Void Stares Back".  But still, the Cramulet is cool because it combines several unique amulets and saves bank space.  The experience rewards were very good.  I liked the amounts. 
If you're looking for a quest guide, sorry, this was meant more as a commentary.  Rune HQ has an excellent guide here :  RuneHQ Do No Evil Guide

This has definitely been one of my favorite quests.  Not too hard, not too easy, and the puzzles were reasonable.  (I usually hate puzzles!)  Below are some images taken during the quest.  Nothing thorough, just an occasional snapshot to help show the mood of the quest.

 Facing Ayuni

Monique learning what happened to Apmeken
Wrapping it up

The Rewards
Monique and I riding off into the sunset

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