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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Runescape Updates - Dragon Defender and Cyclopean Mask

Below are pics comparing the Dragon and Rune Defenders

It's about time we had some updates just for fun!  The Dragon Defender, and the Cyclopean Mask, are exactly that.  I took a break from my normal routine to try and get the Dragon Defender.  Didn't care one way or the other about the mask, but I wanted the Defender.  In my typical prepare-way-too-much fashion, I went to the Warrior's Guild, and did the Suit-of-empty-armor combat until I had 3,400 points saved up.  Then I went upstairs.  The Cyclopes room was way too full of everybody else wanting one.  So I went away.  After checking off and on, Friday night my chance finally came.  It was crowded, but not horrible.  So I staked a corner of the room, and waited for a chance.
I like to play nice.  Honor, and all.  But one guy there made it personal.  Every time he beat me to a Cyclops, he made a rude comment.  So I used a trick I don't usually do.  It's not fair, and it has a chance of taking a monster away from somebody who's already begun combat.  No, I'm not going to share it. It's not good sportsmanship.  But I made an exception for him.
I will share a different tip, though... don't chase monsters as they appear.  If I stand in one place and wait, I have a pretty good chance of getting mine.  If you keep chasing them wherever they show up, someone closer will get it, and then someone beats you to the one where you had been.  If there's a lot of competition, just wait for your chosen monster to regenerate, and try to be the first to hit.
And be nice!  Just because you beat someone to it, there's no need to rub it in their faces.  Enough about that...
Back to the Dragon Defender.  Within a few minutes of fighting, a Cyclossus attacked.  He didn't wait for me, he just jumped in before I realized he was there.  These are pretty cool.  Oversized, fast moving, excellent special attacks.  At level 138, using Dragon melee defense and no prayer, I had to eat 2 Rocktail while we were fighting.  His attack looked like he was throwing lightning.  Occasionally, he'll knock you backward.  You skid until something stops you, then you're stunned.  Overall, fighting the Cyclossus is fun and fast-paced.  My first one dropped a Cyclopean Mask.  I wasn't trying for one, but since I got it, I really like it.  No combat stats at all, it's just for decoration, but it looks pretty wicked.  And it's GE value is about 173,000 gold, though I plan to keep mine.
Shortly after that, a normal Cyclops dropped a Dragon Defender.  Total time fighting?  About 10 minutes.
Again, I go overboard... I wanted 2, so one could be a 'placeholder' in my bank.  It took about 10 more minutes, and I had my second one.
So, either I was incredibly lucky, or they're not that hard to get.  Since the Dragon Defender is not tradeable, I guess it really doesn't matter how fast they drop, or how many you have.  All I know is, I still have about 2,800 points to use up there.  I may go back once the big rush is over.  Just for fun, and maybe a Cyclossus.

Now here's the Cyclopean Mask (and the defender):

If you want a Dragon Defender, I'd say go to the Warrior's Guild and give it a shot.  It's a lot easier than I expected.  As far as the mask, I suspect getting one from my first Cyclossus was just plain luck.  But it's a lot of fun trying!

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