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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Runescape Christmas 2010 - O Little Town of Daemonhelm

Last night Monique and I did the new Runescape Christmas adventure, O Little Town of Daemonhelm.  Not too hard, though at one point I was very (VERY) frustrated.  To start, we both got the holiday cracker, and when we used ours on each other, it gave us a golden hammer.  The hammer has a couple of cool emotes, brandish, which is only semi-cool, and spin, which I like a lot.  Then we did the "Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe" thing and entered the magic cupboard in Varrock. 
(Monique and me getting ready to start- isn't she cute?)
When you arrive, Thorvar Crittersmash, a Fremmenik who looks remarkably like Santa (but denies it vehemently) needs your help.  You have to collect some things he's lost, as you navigate a series of room puzzles.

The first one was pretty basic, just a nice Christmas-style Runescape version of Simon Says.  No real problem, just repeat the sequence of tones.
For the next room, it was a Runescape version of Red Light, Green Light.  Monique had found a reference to using the bone Brooch or the Easter Ring, but it didn't mention what to do with it.  I brought my Easter Ring, and played with it while trying to complete the game.  Since I didn't know how it was supposed to work, I got sent back quite often.  But finally, at one point, I realized I was walking instead of crawling, but I had no run energy, so I walked all the way.  It was much easier than crawling.  Found out later that an energy potion would have given me back my run, and it would have been much quicker that way.  No big deal, I had fun whichever way it went.
Next up was the Seal Slide.  This one I liked, but it gave Monique fits.  The somewhat random delay when you change direction makes it pretty difficult to steer through the gaps.  It took me a few tries.  It took Monique more than a few...  and she was getting a bit 'testy' about it!
On the other hand, the next room just about drove me crazy.  I got the snow maker easily enough, and the ice skates.  But exiting the final door... I never found the pattern, and with just random attempts, it took me a LONG time to get out. 
I was pretty aggravated at that point, but quickly relaxed with the next part.
The last room you had to catch a Santa-hat-wearing crab.  It kind of reminded me of Whack-a-mole.  Took several tries, but eventually, the crab wound up in the bucket.

After that, we talked with Santa... excuse me, I mean Thorvar, for the wrap up.  We got some emotes, a couple of reward items, and the chance to play the Heimland Games.  The games are just basic silliness. Monique and I built some snowmen together, pelted each other with snowballs, and skidded around the ice patch.  Then we found the seal slide.  She had had enough, but I turned into a seal and slid around till I had enough.

On the whole, it was an entertaining bit of fluff.  Like most holiday events, it was just for fun.  Though I noticed while talking with Brandt, the Fremmenik Chief, he mentioned a great white wolf rampaging around killing and maiming people.  Monique teleported over to see, but couldn't find any Great White Wolf.  I'm guessing it's subtle foreshadowing of some impending quest.  Hope it's fun!

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