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Friday, December 17, 2010

Runescape Distractions and Diversions: Remember the Evil Tree?

In the process of daily Runescape play, I often get stuck in a rut and forget all the options available to me.  One such fun Disctraction and Diversion is the Evil Tree.  Monique and I used to enjoy the evil tree on a daily basis, but as our Runescape goals changed, we kind of forgot about the tree.
Currently, I'm trying to build up my bank account with grand exchange flipping, and in the meantime, working up my woodcutting and firemaking.  So here I was, running from the Grand Exchange toward the Gnome Spirit Tree in the northeast corner of the exchange enclosure, when some roots popped out of the ground and tripped me!  That hasn't happened in a while, so it caught my interest.
Since I was already geared up to go chop down trees, and was running toward the Spirit Tree, I checked for the evil tree.  I guess I was a bit early, because it couldn't teleport me yet, just told me it was slightly outside of Varrock.  Without going anywhere, I spun my view around to look up and down the wall, but no luck.  So I checked back with the Spirit tree, and in that short a time, the teleport option was enabled.  So I teleported straight over, found out the Evil Tree was a Yew, and told Monique.  She was in the middle of her own thing, but decided to teleport in and join the fun.
Either we came at a good time, a good location, or just the fact it was a Yew, because there was a nice-sized group of us cutting that tree down to size.  I usually bring an axe, and a tinderbox, and some leftover evil tree roots to get my fires started quickly.  My first goal is to light up the entire base perimeter of the tree.  Once I've managed that I try to cut at the main trunk as much as possible, you get more experience, and faster, that way.  So Monique and I were having fun, checking out the levels and equipment of our fellow woodcutters.  With so many others, it went pretty quickly.  Before we knew it, we were on our way back to our normal play.  But for a few minutes, we'd had some fun together, gained some experience, gold, and yew logs.  Oh, and Monique got a birds nest with an acorn, while I received a Willow seed.  So I got bragging rights for the best reward... at least for this time!
In the picture below, I'm the guy wearing the Cyclopean Mask/helmet.  (See previous blog.)  Still having fun with it!

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