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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tanking at the Aviansies

After the last post, I went back to the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield a couple more times, then decided to go back to the Avies.  I'm not in the mood to camp out hoping for a spectacular drop.  I just want to keep a steady income from good drops, since my Grand Exchange flips aren't doing so well at the moment.  All the stuff I usually like to trade are changing prices to much in a short time.  Most of them I can sell easy enough, but have a hard time buying.  When I get a chance, I'll look around for something stable and switch over.  For now, the only thing that's still steady flipping is Yew Longbows.  They don't make much, usually about 50k, with occasional spikes that give me maybe 125k extra.  So I need the drops from the Avies to make up the difference until I can sit down and work out what to trade. 
As far as going after Avies, there seems to be 2 major schools of thought.  When I first started, I liked maxing out my prayer gear, using poisoned emerald bolts, and finding a quiet world where I could attack every Aviansie in sight, all at one time.  It's a great way to accelerate your drops, but it's hard to find a world where nobody's already there.  Eventually, I started tanking them.  No Prayer, just my best ranging armor, and the Bones to Peaches spell.  Plus the Enhanced Excalibur.  After getting the second enhancement on Excalibur, it's been very effective.  My Hit Points are 990, I heal with Excalibur at around 600.  Every now and then, I eat Peaches or the Swordfish they like to drop.  It's easy to stay as long as you want this way. 
There are plenty of guides showing how to get there, and how to fight them.  But I thought you might be interested in seeing what gear I wear and take with me.  So here it is:
In my worn equipment, you see:
Dragon Full Helm
Zamorak Cloak
Amulet of Fury
Broad-tipped bolts (several thousand)
Rune Crossbow
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Plateskirt
Dragonfire shield
Saradomin Vambraces
Ranger Boots
Archers Ring

In my inventory I start off with:
Enhanced Enhanced Excalibur
Nature Runes (300)
Fire Runes (1000)
Water Runes (1000)
Earth Runes (1000)
A handful of Law Runes and Air Runes

The rest are things I've picked up from the Avies.
There's lots of different setups that work just fine, but that's what I like to take.

While I was writing this, I took a moment to adjust my GE flips.  Maybe things have stabilized a bit.  Not too sure, since there's a brand new grand-master level quest due out in a day or so.

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