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Monday, November 15, 2010

New Venue for my Runescape Blogs

You can find me around the internet as Crewman6.  That's not my Runescape name... I like a bit of privacy when I play.  I write a lot on Hubpages.  Also own the domain to Crewman6.com.  Nothing fancy there, but I've blogged it for a long time.  Started out just writing about everything on the one blog.  As time passed, Runescape turned out to be one of the 3 main subjects I blog about.  So here, after lots of wandering about, is where I'll be posting.

Just to get things started, I've been working on cooking.  After getting my fishing level high enough to catch Rocktail (from the Living Rock Cavern), and my cooking just barely high enough to cook Rocktail, I've been working at getting my cooking to 95.

What's so special about getting Cooking skill to 95?  Because that's the level when you stop burning Rocktail... as long as you're wearing cooking gauntlets.  There's a way to not burn Rocktail before that, but it's a lot easier at level 95 when you can just use the Chef's Guild and cook in the private Varrock Achievement Diary room.  It has a bank and an oven in the same room.  But until 95 cooking skill, here's the method I used:

The full guide is here (and it's free):  Runescape Cooking - How You Can Cook Rocktail Fish Without Burning From Level 93 to 95

If you're wondering... yeah, I wrote it.  My first guide.  I found this technique useful for a very specific niche, from Cooking level 93 to 95.  Since nobody had written one like it yet, I thought maybe someone else might benefit from it.  I know it's application is very narrow, but within that spread, it saved me money.  I never burned a single Rocktail.  Not ever. 
If you're thinking it's expensive, read the guide.  It includes a cost breakdown.  Using this method, my Cooking level is 95.  I had fun, got to use my Player Owned House kitchen, and leveled up very quickly.

That's good for my first post.  As time progresses, I'll add to it.  Sometimes just a bit of a progress marker.  Sometimes some hints or tips I've picked up; or a link to something useful.  If we're at similar levels, or working on the same goals, maybe you'll find this useful.

If you need some advice, post a comment.  Maybe I can help, or steer you in the right direction!

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