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Friday, November 19, 2010

Good thing I can Cook Rocktail without Burning it!

My first post in this new hub involved a technique to cook rocktail without burning it, until I got to level 95 cooking.  Now that I'm 95, all I need are the cooking gauntlets, and I don't risk burning them.  Turns out, that was pretty good timing.  I've done pretty well doing small time flipping on the Grand Exchange, maybe making 1 to 3 million gold per day at it.  Recently, I bought 10,000 Rocktail, expecting to make a tidy profit... which never happened.  Those Rocktail sat in the GE for days, as I kept trying to adjust the price.  Finally, the price bottomed out so much there was no way I'd make a profit.  As a matter of fact it was going to be a pretty big loss.  So I decided to cook them.  Since I can use the Cook's Guild to cook/bank my rocktail, it's going very fast.  But fast or not, 10,000 Rocktail is still 10,000.  I've cooked about 2,000 so far.  And had 2,000 in the bank already.  So I've sold those, made a small profit over my investment.  But I can either use them, or sell them.  No real loss, just a momentary one. 
In the meantime, I was going to try and buy some Armadyl armor this weekend, but because I goofed up so bad, I don't have the gold.  I might go do some runecrafting to speed it up.  I can do double natures, so it's very profitable, but I don't really enjoy it.  Oh well.  Guess that's why our parents teach us how to be patient.

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