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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Runescape 3: Super September on a Roll

Last time, I mentioned how all the new updates turned my daily playing schedule topsy-turvy.  Jagex is still at it.  Now they've unleashed Super September.  I love comic books... love Runescape...  want the gold-tinted super-hero costume.  :^D

The deal is, every day there's a new Super September Challenge.  Each challenge must be done on the day it's assigned (within 24 hours).  If you complete 5 challenges during September, you get the basic superhero outfit.  Complete 10, and it's the titles "Super" and "Supervillain".

At 15 completed challenges you earn a superhero emote.  At 20, you can call down the lightning (I imagine it's just an emote, not an attack action.)  25 challenges done gets superhero claws, and 30 earns a superhero shield.

The basic Superhero Outfit
And, I'm not really that hyped about all of that.  Sure, some of the rewards are mildly cool.  But what drives me to complete all 30 assignments?  A GOLD version of the superhero outfit!  There are other, unnamed rewards for getting all 30, but that's my goal.

The outfit is an override, and not an actual costume.  The artists concept looks awesome.  With luck, the actual gold superhero outfit looks just as great.

Not sure how hard or easy any of the challenges will be.  So far Monique and I have done the first 7 days worth.  Starting on the 1st with Miracle Recovery.  Easy enough, though getting just enough damage to trigger a 'portent of restoration' 10 times in a row... without taking too much... was a pain.  I used one of the dragons in my player-owned house.  Should have followed Monique - she went to Lunar Isle and fought Suqahs.  Considering she finished much faster, they must have worked very well.  Better than my dragon, anyway.

The second challenge was much easier.  Blood Sweat and Tears required we collect 200 divine tears from the lumbridge battlefield.  Quick and easy.  The combat is fun, but for speed we just mined the crystals.

Everybody Dance Now could have been problematic.  Dancing near at least 10 other people who are dancing too?  Lucky for us, dancing while waiting for the Dungeoneering Sinkhole is a favorite way for people to pass time.  We had no trouble.

Go Bananas requires you eat 50 bananas, slow enough for the counter to register each one.  Too fast, and you don't get credit for some.  Monique did hers early, and told me the crowds and competition at the banana grove was fierce.  She got smart, killed a bunch of Goblins and cast bones to bananas on them.  I'm more the obsessive/compulsive type, and had over 300 in the bank.  Just in case of Ape Atoll teleports.  :^)

Mad Skills was super-easy.  Train 15 different skills in a day.  Monique and I do the Jack of Trades, which requires training 10, so it was just a matter of doing 5 extra skills.  For Bulldog, we just logged onto world 96, the Quick Chat world.  It's our home world anyway, and usually less populated since talk is restricted.  One straight run from Edgeville to the High-level wilderness fence.

Schmooze was a bit of a pain.  Talk to 10 different Signature Heroes/Kings/Queens.  I was one short until Monique reminded me of the Fisher King.  Take the Fairy Ring BJR, talk to the new Fisher King, and done.

So far, Soul Searching was the worst one.  For it, we had to complete a game of Soul Wars.  Sounds easy, until we tried to log into the official Soul Wars world.  Worst lag we've seen in ages.  Looks like everybody else had the same idea at the same time.  Wound up going to world 60 (the Penguin world) and having a game. 

Overall, it's been easy enough, and lots of variety.  Can't wait to see what's next!

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