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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Runescape 3: The Daemonheim Task Set

Jagex is still on a roll with their rapid-fire updates.  Now they've given us the Daemonheim Task Set.  As usual, they come in Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite levels.

Given how difficult the Desert task set was (I still haven't finished the Elite set...)  I was dreading the Daemonheim set.  Turns out, the new tasks are actually kind of fun.  Many of the tasks are solo, and must be done independently.  For the rest of the tasks, they can be done in a shared dungeon.  Monique and I enjoy doing them together, as much as we can.

The Easy tasks were very easy, with a couple of caveats.  You have to complete a Fremennik Saga, which means you must have access to the sagas.  Something not everybody will have.  "Sinking Fast" requires you to complete a Sinkhole.  Certainly an easy task... except that the Sinkhole world has been flooded ever since.  That means the wait to get in is long, and lag is likely.

On the other hand, it means there are lots of 'noobs', players who don't understand how to play the sinkholes.  As a result, I've been getting much better rewards.  Being just an average player, my position usually ends up anywhere on the board.  Last, first, but mostly in the middle.  Currently, I'm doing much better with all the new participants.  The crowding is annoying, but it's been pretty cool getting so many large and huge lamps, often with meercats.

The Medium tasks are still mostly easy.  If you have trouble with anything, Wiki has a good task list with basic guides to help.  There are two tasks that gave/are giving me trouble.  "Up to the Gods" requires you to sacrifice a Frost Dragon bone on a prayer altar from a dragon you killed yourself in a solo dungeon.

I worked on that one for 2 days.  Solo dungeons, Frost levels, medium size.  Finally found one, killed it, found an altar and sacrificed the Frost Dragon bones.  Not hard, but Frost Dragons in Daemonheim are kind of rare.  Except for Monique, who wandered in, did a couple of rooms, and laughed.
I said "You found one, didn't you?"
She did.  Fortunately, mine showed up just minutes later, so I didn't have to feel sorry for myself very long.

The only medium task I have yet to do is "Portent of Passage V".  I have to find a door that's above my skill levels, and use a Divination Portent to get through.  My skills are maxed (except Divination), so finding a door that locks me out doesn't happen often.
I'm still hoping to randomly find a suitable door, but if not, I'll find some Forgotten Mages to drain my combat stats, then look for Strength or Magic doors.

I'm still working on the Hard Tasks, but the only one that should give any trouble is "Epic Epic", which involves completing ALL Sagas with 100%.  This is problematic, since I only have access to "Three's Company".  It may take quite some time to gain access so I can finish this one.

Looking ahead to the Elite Tasks, most of it looks pretty doable.  I've already done some kind of by accident.  The hardest one is going to be creating a Portent of Restoration IX.  That takes 86 Divination, and my Div level is at 76 so far.  Going to take a lot of time to raise it to 86.

The reason for doing all of this is an Aura.  The Daemonheim Aura gives some pretty good benefits.  Starting with the easy skills, you get one 'free' death per day (if you're wearing it).  You can choose a secondary ring role in another class, which means you can effectively 2 active ring classes at once.  To begin, it's only 25%, but by the time you earn the Elite Aura, it's a full 100%. 

The best thing for me is the ability to choose which boss you encounter once per day.  That's awesome.  It means I can truly go 'hunting' for drops that particular bosses drop.  They have to be level-appropriate, both to you, and to the floor you're on.  But it's going to be nice to pick my targets, even if it's only once per day.

Level 2 aura acts like Ava's Accumulator and the Bonecrusher, if you wear it in the dungeon.  Also gives access to an extended resource dungeon.
Effective even when not worn:  Bind one potion in a new slot.  Get free Law and Cosmic runes in every dungeon.  Secondary ring role goes up to 50%.

Level 3 Daemonheim Aura... Backhand ability, which is pretty worthless.  But you get access to another extended resource dungeon in the Dwarven Mine (has 8 mith and 2 addy rocks).   The secondary ring role goes up to 75% effectiveness, there's a 5% reduced cost to recharge items, and two more things...
First, 2 more bind slots in Daemonheim.  That's big.  Picking and choosing what to bind has always been limiting, even after the EOC upgrade.  More is better.
Second, a 10% increase in Sinkhole rewards.  Another biggie.  Sinkholes are my main way of leveling up.  10% is huge!

The Elite level aura has some elite-level boosts.  Burying bones in Daemonheim will recover prayer points (20 for normal bones, 40 for dragon bones) while it's activated.  Big deal, right?  Kind of.
But when worn, you get a second gatestone and teleport spell.  No runes needed to use.  That's pretty awesome.  Especially if you do larger dungeons.

Of course, you gain access to another extended resource dungeon, in Brimhaven this time, with 4 Mithril Dragons.  The ring secondary effect goes up to 100%, you get 10% discount from the smuggler.

Oh, and access to Daemonheim's Hard Mode.  According to the recent behind-the-scenes Daemonheim Tasks video, Hard Mode is something like asking Jagex to cheat.  Instead of getting bosses randomly generated on a range of difficulties, you get the hardest possible version of the boss.  Same goes for all the monsters.

In and of itself, I'm not too excited about Hard Mode.  But the interesting part comes when you complete all 60 floors in hard mode, which can only be used on complexity 6 dungeons.  There are numerous changes, all of which make the job harder.
Your odds of getting tier 10 and 11 items as boss-drops is very high,  which is a nice benefit.  But the main reward is the title "of Daemonheim".  To wear the title, you must complete all 60 floors on Hard Mode.  It's going to be a pretty selective title, and if you can wear it, be sure it marks you as literally, one of the elite!

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