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Monday, September 23, 2013

Runescape 3: I used to have a routine

What routine?  I used to play according to a very set pattern.  Ports, Sinkholes, 1 Dungeon run each day, and the daily money-run.  Not any more.

I enjoyed Battle of Lumbridge, and would still be playing it, but then Jagex released Divination.  Just as I got a normal schedule going, the Daemonheim Task Set came out.

At first, I was going to get 99 Div before working on the task set.  But since I currently spend some time each day working on Dungeoneering, it makes more sense to do the tasks.  The benefits and rewards will help me get that 120 DG level faster.

So, I have no set schedule any more.  POP maybe three times a day, sinkholes twice a day, and the rest is divided out between Divination and the DG tasks as time and goals allow.

Last night I was going to try and knock out the Warped Gulega task, but hit a glitch.  The Daemonheim Aura 2 lets you choose the boss in a floor once a day.  You pick the floor, then it gives you a list of bosses appropriate to that floor.  So I chose floor 30.  The Gulega was bottom right on the option list, but somehow I clicked something else.  Either it was my fault, or I can't pick him until his task has been completed.  (I found out later- 30 isn't deep enough.)

Either way, I found myself soloing a medium dungeon with no goal in mind.  Decided I'd just bang out a few random tasks while down there.  Wound up getting several.  Made a new altar, a catalytic wand, a spiritbloom orb, and a bouldabass/edicap potato (which was eaten in a boss fight).

As a side task, I made a strong gatherer's potion.  My Divination is currently 77, with the potion I can boost it high enough to make a Portent of Restoration IX.  I bound it in the new slot, so when I finally find some Billiant Wisps I'll be ready.

Could have done more, but that was plenty for the moment.

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