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Monday, August 5, 2013

Runescape 3: Battle of Lumbridge- More than meets the eye

With the New Interface System, I haven't written much about the Battle of Lumbridge.  Modifying and playing with the screen set-up has just been too much fun.  Also, my first impressions of the BoL (Battle of Lumbridge, thank you very much!) weren't very high.

After finally slowing down with the custom screens, it's high time Lumbridge got my attention.  On closer inspection, it's quite enjoyable.  I might actually be sad when the event ends.

Not so much for the rewards, though there are a pretty fair number.  The team token has infinite teleports into whichever god's campground you chose.  It has emotes.  It has combat incentives that can be upgraded based on the Divine Tears you collect.

There's also armour rewards.  You can earn armour based on the god you choose.  It's pretty cool-looking armour.  Hybrid.  Scales up with your combat level (up to level 75).

There's the Sacred Metal Fragments used in creating weapon overrides.  And yes, the weapon overrides are pretty cool looking too.  You can swap sides, and collect stuff from the other side too.  If you're dedicated enough, I guess it's possible to get all the armour and all the weapon overrides for both sides.

Let's not forget Duke Horacio and his efforts to rebuild Lumbridge.  Each week, you give the Duke some advice, he gives you some bonus experience points.

But no... it's not the rewards that appeal to me.  It's the combat.  The entire combat area is amazing.  The NPC's fight and run just like players.  They even trash-talk.  They fight according to all three points of the combat triangle, and use adrenaline/special abilities.  It's a fast-pace, fluid style I haven't seen anywhere else yet.

Maybe it's just me, but I get the impression they scale up according to your combat level.  Some of them seem easy, while others really take a bit out of my life points.  Maybe it's just the combat triangle.  I tend to fight in ranged gear, so maybe I'm just seeing them hit my weaknesses.

It can sometimes be difficult finding enough npc's to fight.  Generally, there's plenty to go around.  The Sacred Metal Fragments seem to drop as 'uncommons'.  Not very often, but enough to let me make progress.

It can be chaotic, and most of the players on your side have a good sense of camaraderie.  There's a sense of standing shoulder to shoulder and protecting your camp.

I really hate pvp.  Nothing against it, if you enjoy it I'm happy for you.  But it's not for me.  This is much more my speed.  I like the teamwork aspect, even while fighting completely for my own purposes.  The other camp is the same.  They attack our NPC's, but we don't fight player-to-player.  Very nice.
Even the NPC's on my side will run up and help me.  Or sometimes I run up and help them.  Sometimes not.  It's totally random chaos, us against them.

Okay, I've praised BoL enough.  People will start thinking this is a paid announcement.  :^)

The only other thing I'll say is, the Battle of Lumbridge is a lot more complex, and enjoyable, than I gave it credit for.

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