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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Runescape 3: Divination Released- Hope you enjoy Grinding

Divination was released yesterday (Aug 20, 2013). Finally! It was hard enough to wait when Jagex announced last year that 2 new skills would come out early this year. It's no longer early, and this is only one of the two skills. Since they're supposed to go hand in hand, it's kind of like driving a car with only 2 wheels. When I left for work yesterday, there was no announcement yet. Got home for lunch, sat down to log in, and saw the notice. All I said was "Hmmm!", and Monique answered "Oh, I forgot to tell you, Divination is out!"

 We had to wait until later in the evening to try it out, I could hardly wait. First impressions? I like what's there. Much the same as fishing, tree-cutting, and mining, it's a grind skill. You repeat the same thing over and over. That's going to annoy some, but not me. After playing since 2004, the idea of grinding to max a skill is perfectly acceptable. Traditional. We're only seeing half the equation right now. It's not fair to judge Divination without seeing how it integrates with the still-awaited 2nd skill this year.

Training at least is simple, and non-competitive. No need to fight over resources. Plenty for all. Getting started, you can talk to Orla Fairweather and the other nearby NPC's (just east of Draynor Village). Or not. They don't really have much to tell you. Click on the wisps, or the springs, and fill your backpack up. Then click on the rift with whirling energy, and give it all back. You can choose three options at the rift. One converts everything to energy, which is used to make stuff with the skill. The middle option converts wisp 'memories' to experience, and leaves energy alone. The last option converts both memories and energy to experience, which is a fast way to level up. At each 10 levels, (10, 20, 30...) you can go to the next location for collecting. And you can also make a 'Boon' that gives a permanent boost to experience earned. That's it.

There's optionally a bit more to it, like catching the gold spheres (Chronicle fragments). Get 10 of them, and you can turn them in for bonus exp. At level 25, I turned in 10 and got 240 exp. I'm not particularly impressed, but they probably scale up with your levels. With the collected energy, you make Portents, one-shot items that automatically help you when their conditions are met. For instance, the best looking one to me, Portent of Life, is available at level 99. It brings you back to life after you get killed, with 25% of your life points. It has a 1-hour cooldown, and can't be used in pvp zones. I could see that being very useful in fighting a tough boss.

You can also make Signs, which are like creating a skilling hotspot. You can make your own place to mine runite, and share it with others. Transmutation converts lower level stuff into higher level, like changing an uncut ruby into an uncut diamond. While some of these things sound pretty neat, I see them as throw-aways. Since we're not getting the complementary skill yet, and don't know how the two skills will work together, these abilities are thrown in just so we can 'do' something with the skill while we're leveling up. Doesn't matter. I want my Max cape back, and to be ready for the next skill when it comes out. If some of Divination is useful in the meantime, that's okay. But I just want to train.

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