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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Runescape 3: Divination coming right after Death of Chivalry quest

At the moment, we're pretty much going day by day and playing the same stuff.  Not complaining about it...  after all, I'm still working to max out Dungeoneering, and trying to get Sacred Metal Fragments from the Battle of Lumbridge.  Haven't been playing a lot, so getting fragments is taking a long time. Got my first weapon override last night- chose the Icyenic Bow.

For that matter, Dugeoneering is taking forever too.  When levelling, I always look to see how far it is to the next.  Last time, it told me 6 and a half million exp to level again.  That's just one level, and it goes up with each new level.  Thank goodness for Sinkholes and Daily Challenges!  For 30 minutes of play-time, I can average 300 - 400 exp.  Just takes patience, and a little time each day.

One of the two promised skills is (promised) to come out this month.  Not to be a pessimist, but last year Jagex promised (or at least heavily implied) we'd get both skills early in the year.  I'm all for making sure it's a good product, but maybe they shouldn't make promises they can't keep.  After seeing the bugs in EOC and RS3, the delay is understandable.  Just wish Jagex would be a bit more cautious in their predictions.

Bearing that in mind, I'm hoping for the best and very excited about the release.  Divination will be the first new skill in something like 3 years.  The only drawback is I'll lose the Max Cape until getting Divination to 99.  Yeah, boo hoo, right?   :^D

Before we get Divination, we've been promised a quest:  The Death of Chivalry.  It's supposed to be a replacement for the "Black Knight's Fortress" quest, and tie into the Runescape novels.  I read the first novel.  Not bad.  About the same entertainment level as a Forgotten Realms novel.  If you enjoy Forgotten Realms, you should enjoy the Runescape novels.

Anyway, the Black Knight's Fortress was released in 2001, so I guess an update is due (assuming all the older quests will eventually get re-worked).  It was a novice-level quest.  Presumably, the replacement quest will be too.  With any luck, the story will be improved and blended with modern Geilinor continuity.

But for now, I'm headed back to Lumbridge.

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