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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Runescape Double Dungeoneering- My favorite Winter Weekend Special!

Runescape has been incredibly busy recently.  I can hardly keep up with the new quests, the Player Owned Ports, the Festive Aura, the Winter Weekend specials, the (soon to come) Stray Dog Christmas Event...  
I've certainly missed some, but that gets the point across.  I'm starting to think they're throwing so much out so fast because of the Evolution of Combat release.  
Since EOC came out, there's been a very vocal group that hates it.  Chances are, a number of those people just haven't truly tried it.  All this new content, especially the Tzhaar grandmaster quest, is serving to familiarize us with the new interfaces, and to bury EOC behind a flock of new content.  With so much going on, EOC becomes old news, and not so important.  

When EOC first started, there was plenty I hated, but was willing to give a fair chance.  Still not happy about losing the functionality of Enhanced Excalibur II, but on the whole EOC has become a lot of fun.  

Particularly in Dungeoneering.  Aside from daily challenges, I haven't done Dungeoneering much.  As a matter of fact, my 99 in the skill is mainly due to daily challenges, exp bonuses, and the Jack of Trades Aura.  

Last weekend, the Winter Weekend special was double dungeoneering exp (and tokens).  So Monique and I put some serious time into Daemonheim.  We duo dungeoned for nearly 30 floors, taking our time, having fun.  With the binds being 'bankable' up to 10 items, we both needed to rearrange our possessions. We hunted for Grave Creeper wood, and made bows and magic staves.  Searched for Promethium to upgrade her armor, but for some reason, Promethium was in hiding.  

It was a lot of fun.  The new binding system gives more options than we used to have.  EOC means we have lots of really cool attacks and graphics.  The rebalancing means our experience is a lot more appropriate to our levels.  The easier floors are... easy.  I don't really start needing food until around floor 49.  Until then, EOC abilities are enough to keep my hp high.  

Most things can't kill me unless I'm being stupid... except for Blink.  I hate Blink.  

We both leveled up over the weekend.  Enjoyed the bonus exp.  Best of all, it reminded us how great Dungeoneering is.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally start getting those long-delayed Chaotics!

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