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Monday, December 3, 2012

Runescape 99 Mining: Power-ups FTW!

Well, Saturday was something of a marathon.  Friday evening I had finally hit 98 Mining, and was all wound up about getting that final goal.  Thank goodness for all the bonus exp recently.  Been getting Mining challenges every day, that's good for an extra 20k a day.  Then Friday night Runescape came out with the Festive Aura.  How cool... 30 minutes a day of 50% extra exp all month!!  Plus it looks good!

And let's not forget the skilling benefits of Evolution of Combat.  Most of the time, I've banked the ore.  But towards the end, I've been power-dropping it.  There's enough saved up in the bank to pay for my daily challenges when it's concentrated gold ore.  With the EOC, it's become amazingly easy to drop ore while continuing to mine.

Mining in the Living Rock Cavern, with a Gold Mining Suit, Lava Titan, Dragon Pickaxe, and Decorated Mining Urns(r), and dropping the ore with the action bar... even though level 99 needs something like 1,200,000 exp, it was just flying by.  Even the Jack of Trades Aura did it's part, giving me about 10k exp for a minute of multi-training once a day.  Did about 300k exp Friday, even after getting level 98.

Saturday I had other things to do, but still spent an amazing amount of time Mining.  By 11pm, just couldn't stay awake any more.  Even though it only needed 167k, I had to go to sleep.

Woke up, probably 4:30 am, couldn't go back to sleep.  (Happens a lot.)  So back to the mines.  Early early Saturday morning, it happened; 99 Mining.  That's a seriously good feeling, to finish a long standing goal.

Went to get the skill cape.  Thought it looked kind of bland, but hadn't seen the emote yet.  Played the emote.  Okay, that's bland too.  So the cape went into my POH costume room, on the cloak rack.  No problem, right now my favorite is the Dungeoneering cape anyway.

That in itself is kind of odd, since the Dungeoneering 99 Skill Cape is unfinished.  It won't really count as 'done' until 120.  But I still like it best.  Followed by the Prayer skillcape.  Both have great emotes.

Brings me to a question:  In the Daily Challenges, you can turn off maxed skills, and I've done that with the other skills.  But it hasn't assigned a Dungeoneering Challenge since I got 99.  Even though that's not maxed.  I've been mining, so haven't worried.  But by now, I'm starting to wonder if it's going to ever give me another Dungeoneering assignment.

I haven't X'd the skill off the list, shouldn't it still be assigning me Dungeoneering Challenges?

That part aside, my next goal is Crafting.  Doing dragonhide is very expensive, so I'm only buying enough to do 30 minutes worth daily.  I can use the Festive Aura for that 30 minutes, plus do a crafting assignment during that time.  Should give me a huge savings in the cost of supplies.

For the other parts of the day, it's slow, but I'm making Decorative Mining Urns.  They make about 11k per inventory, so at least it's profitable.  And when I want a break, I go fight monsters.  :^)

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