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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Runescape Crafting 99 Cape

Well... it's a cape.  Not very pretty, but it sure cost a lot.
Didn't expect it for another week or two,but this weekend marked 99 Skill in Crafting.  It's an expensive skill, and my thought was to do 30 minutes a day with the Festive Aura using Green Dragon Leather.  Plus Daily Challenges, and Mining Urns when the money ran low (because they're profitable). 
Then Runescape changed the Prismatic Pendants.  For a while, you could only ever have one pendant for any skill (a Squeal of Fortune reward).  New prismatic pendants could only be used for a skill you didn't already have a pendant in, even if it was destroyed.  I had 23 in the bank, plus some Prized Prismatic Pendants.  Didn't junk them because it seemed like such a waste not to be able to use multiples in a single skill.  There were a lot of complaints in the forums from skillers with only a few skills left to train. 

Now you can use up a pendant, destroy it, and assign a new prismatic pendant to the same skill.  Friday Night I got 96 Crafting, and very nearly made it to the next level.  Saturday was a surprise game day.  Monique and I played Runescape in a full-day-long marathon.  It was great- all day long, just relaxing and playing.

Thanks to the boosted experience from the Festive Aura, the Wisdom Aura, and 23 Prismatic Pendants in a row used for Crafting, on Saturday my Crafting went fro 96, to 97, to 98.  Plus about a third of the way to 99.  Got up early Sunday morning, watched a Bruce Lee movie (Way of the Dragon) and a Schwarzenneger movie (The Running Man), and finished the 99.

The cape is a mild disappointment.  Kind of bland.  Same with the animation.  Carve a cat out of a block of wood, hold it over my head.  What?  That's the best they could come up with?  Thanks, but for now, going to keep wearing my Dungeoneering cape.  It has 3 different emotes, and they're ALL cool!

Next goal is going to be Fletching.  It's the most afk'able skill left to do, and I'm looking forward to not having so pay so much attention.  Then Hunting, then Farming.  Going to hate Farming.  After that, it'll just be a matter of getting Dungeoneering level 120.  Should keep me busy for a long long time...  :^)

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