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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Runescape: Tears of Guthix Update (Much Better Experience!)

Have you ever played the minigame "Tears of Guthix"?  Monique and I did for a long time.  Every Tuesday after Penguins, we'd go see Juna.  Until the frustration, and low-level experience rewards got old. 
Tears of Guthix is a short quest to help Juna restore the caverns wherein the walls bleed with tears from Guthix.  Once you've helped her, you can access the cavern once a week.  So long as you've gained at least 100k of experience during that week, or earned at least 1 quest point.  Inside the cavern, you use a bowl to collect the blue streams of tears pouring from the walls.  Green tears are bad.  The more blue you get in your bowl, the more experience earned toward your lowest skill level.  In my case, it's Hunter.  My only skill under 80, and one of only two skills still under 90. 

Like I said, though, Tears of Guthix as a weekly minigame can get annoying.  Have a run of bad luck, and you'll suck down nearly as many green tears as blue.  Especially when the controls were slow to respond.  I can remember clicking frantically to run away from the green tears, but not moving until a large amount of blue had been lost. 

Juna's caverns have a new coat of paint and a bit of re-modeling done.  Juna herself is much more impressive.  Catching the Blue Tears comes with a chime-like sound, while catching the Green Tears is a jarring 'clunk' noise.  But the real news is the game improvement.  To start with, a Games Necklace can now teleport you directly to Juna.  No more long run through the caves.  That alone makes it worth the trip.

But the experience level has been upped to a maximum of 3 times what it used to be.  Wait, did I say only 3 times?  Actually, if your mining and crafting are 80 or higher, it gets better.  Juna will ask you to mine a special rock across the chasm and make an Ornate Bowl.  With the Ornate Bowl, you can collect up to 5 times the previous maximum experience level. 

For comparison, I did Juna before crafting the bowl.  She gave me 34,000 exp to my Hunting.  True to expectation, my average used to be 10k of experience.  Let's see, that's... yep... close enough to 3 times better!
Monique, on the other hand, made her Ornate Bowl, then collected her Tears.  She gained over 50,000 experience to Dungeoneering.  Let's see, that's about 5 times better than the old average... so yes, we're both satisfied with the estimated 3 and 5 times more experience, depending on whether you have the Ornate Bowl or not.

To make the bowl, if you've got the levels, you'll need a bullseye lantern with a cut sapphire lens.  If you kept yours from previous questing, good job.  Otherwise, just use a cut sapphire on a bullseye lanter.  Easy.  Use the lantern on one of the floating blue lights.  They'll carry you across the chasm to the other side.  Mine the rocks, craft the bowl, and give it to Juna.  (For a short-cut back, the eastern side of the rock ledge has a cliff you can jump down from.)

When you go see Juna, don't forget a light, and make sure your hands are empty.

This looks to be a useful update, revitalizing dead content.  For the rewards, Monique and I will be making it a regular part of our weekly Runescaping!

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