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Monday, October 29, 2012

Runescape: Double Experience Bonus Weekend

Wow.  This is the day after Runescape's Bonus Experience Weekend (October 2012).  The first time ever to give a solid 2X experience during the entire weekend. No decrease over time.  Just a straight double exp.  Did you take good advantage of it?  It worked out pretty well for me.  Got up early on Saturday morning, and spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday playing.

To begin with, I had bought several thousand Mud Runes and Magic Potion(3) flasks.  Enough to get 99 Herblore.  My only mistake was not accounting for the 66 Torstol Leaves in the bank.  I keep the other ingredients on hand, and just make Overloads whenever there's a few Torstols in the bank.  That morning, there were 66 leaves stacked in the bank, so I made Overloads first.  Which meant I ground too  many Mud Runes, and bought too many magic potions.  No problem on the pots, sold 'em back.  But the ground mud runes?  Untradable, and Unstackable.  I've got 538 ground runes that will have to be taken from the bank and dropped, one rune at a time, to get rid of them...

Other than that, it went great.  Took Herblore from 97 to 99.  It was, unfortunately, the only 99 for me this weekend. 
My buddy Sam training prayer behind me.

Did about 3 levels of Crafting, but after spending 30 million on Herblore, I didn't have the money for those last few levels of Crafting.  But I did manage to get from 89 to 92.  That's not horrible.  Especially since I didn't spend any gold on it.  I've been collecting Robust Glass.  Been stockpiling my Red Sandstone for ages.  Not sure how long, because I've used some now and then.  But by Saturday, there were over 7,000 robust glass in the bank.  Been saving it, hoping some day Runescape would have another bonus experience weekend.  Finally, this weekend was it.  Got 90 and 91 immediately, then went for the Herblore 99. 

After that, most of the weekend went to Agility at the Advanced Gnome Agility Course.  Got 96 early on, then it was pure grind.  Late Sunday evening, finally got 97.  I really wanted to keep on, but after all those hours, just couldn't force any more. 
You know, I've always hated the Talent Scout.  When I was just training to kill time, I'd ignore his calls.  Now that I want the experience points, I (grudgingly) let him knock me unconscious over and over.  This really gripes me.  I'm a maxed combat player.  High levels all over the place.  Yet I stupidly fall for "Look! Over there!" every single time.  And we're never allowed to get even.  No option to pick a fight with him.  Even within the Pit, when I've lost and know he's coming for me... and know what he did to me... he can yell "Look! A double rainbow!"

And I'll say "What?  Inside?", look up with a big stupid expression, and get clobbered.  Again.
Spent a few minutes leveling up Mining.  Was only 24k away from level 94.  A quick trip to the Living Rock Caverns took care of that.  Didn't even crank up a Lava Titan.  With double exp, it didn't take much time at all.  This was really just a target of opportunity.  Close to a level, so went for it.
After all that, it was pretty late.  Still had around 1600 robust glass, and decided to see if that would get another level.  At about 12:20 am Monday morning, with 300 robust glass still left, I finally achieved 92 Crafting.

Could have kept on for the next 6 hours or so...  but I had to work in the morning, and common sense prevailed.  Still, that was 8 levels, all of them pretty high level.  Can't wait for the next bonus exp weekend!

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