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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Deathtouched Darts Instakill Queen Black Dragon for Dragonbone Platebody

Okay, I cheated.  Kind of.  No, I don't bot.  Regarding bots, I'm glad to say Jagex has really worked hard to clean up Runescape.  People in the forum complain they haven't seen improvement where they play, but I have.  Two places I often hang out...  The Gnome Advanced Agility Course, and the Grottworm cave, used to swarm with bots.  Now the   population seems much more in keeping with real players actually enjoying the game  Or in the case of the Agility course, at least actually experiencing the game...  Can't say I find that one fun.  Working toward 96, and it's just slow slow going.   More recently, I've seen vast improvement in world 77 Living Rock Cavern mining.

With the Bonus Experience Weekend coming out at the end of October, (and double exp this time, it was clearly stated in the news update), I might do an Agility marathon.  Though I'm currently leaning toward Herblore and Crafting, because they both cost a lot to raise.

Anyway, back to the subject.  Cashed in my Fate Cards last weekend.  Chose the Instakill option, which gave 4 Deathtouched Darts.  Took them in one at a time so there was no chance of accidentally shooting all at once.

Having decided what to get with the Fate Cards, then I got to pick my victim.  This was a lot of fun.  Jad maybe?  I'm down to one Fire Cape.  Gave up two for a pair of Baby Jad pets.  Gave up one for the Fight Kiln.  Haven't done Jad since early this year.  It would be kind of cool to walk up, say "Hi Jad, remember me?", and one-hit him.  On the other hand, I can beat Jad.  Not easily, but I know I can do it.  Why waste a Deathtouched Dart there?

Thought about the Fight Kiln.  That thing just kicks my rear.  I've never gotten far with it.  Maybe the darts could help me get the Tokhaar-Kal, the Fight Kiln Cape.  On the other hand, maybe I would panic, over-use the darts too soon, waste them all, and still get killed.  Scratch that idea.

How about the new King Black Dragon?  Haven't been able to fight him since the revamp, because so many people are using their darts on him.  He's got great new drops, I really want to re-visit KBD.  But really, he's easy to kill once everybody's forgotten about him again.  Wait long enough, and I can fight him without wasting the 4 darts.

The final consideration was the perfect solution.  Queen Black Dragon.  To this day I still haven't killed her in a fair fight.  I am truly and deeply horrible at boss fights.  And I don't see the point in working to learn how right now, since the Evolution of Combat will require a whole new skill set.  Planning to wait until EOC is finalized and released, then trying for the QBD.  And the Tokhaar-Kal too.

One option that never occurred to me was Nex.  Didn't even cross my mind, no idea why not.  But a friend of mine thought of it.  He collected all the requirements to pay Nex a visit, suited up in full H.A.M. (Yes, H.A.M.) gear and killed her four times.  He has it on video.  Here, check it out:

In the meantime, the Deathtouched Darts expire at the end of this year.  They needed to be used, and the Queen was perfect.  A little cheap fun, with the chance of getting a special drops, especially upgrades for the Royal Crossbow.

It worked out better than expected.  Twice she dropped nothing special.  One time she dropped a Royal Torsion Spring, worth nearly 2 million gold.  That was all the win I had hoped for.  But in one of the fights, she dropped a "very rare" Dragonbone Upgrade Kit.  Really?  In 4 fights, she dropped a very rare item?  How cool is that? (Plus a Torstol Seed for a bonus... )
According to the Runescape Wikia, it's selling for around 16 million gold.  That's a good drop.  Seriously considered selling it, but finally decided (at least for now) to keep it.  That kind of luck just doesn't happen every day.  If I sold it, it would just be gold in the bank.  On my Dragon Plate Body, it's now the awesome Dragonbone Platebody.  Every time I wear it, it'll remind me of the day I one-hit the Queen 4 separate times, and got two rare drops.
Dragon Platebody
Dragonbone Platebody

That's worth more than money!

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